What You Can Do About Low T


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Low testosterone (otherwise known as testosterone deficiency or “low T”) is a serious medical condition that affects up to 13 million American men. Low T is characterized by an unusually low level of testosterone, which, medically speaking, is less than 300 ng/dL of total testosterone and less than 5 ng/dL of free testosterone. Without treatment, low T can lead to a decrease in muscle mass, lack of energy, increase in body fat, lowered libido, and depression. Several studies have also indicated that the condition can lower one’s life expectancy.

Needless to say, low T is something that should be confronted as soon as possible. Sadly, most men who have it — a good 90% by some estimates — do not seek treatment. Why? Because a lot of the time patients brush off the symptoms of low T as “signs of aging.” Indeed, testosterone levels naturally peak around age 30 and slowly decline thereafter. As a result, many men consider their symptoms as nothing really to worry about or nothing that can be helped.

However, there are treatments available for low T that are highly effective — treatments that men with the condition should consider. One of those treatments, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), is a popular method that can significantly reduce the effects of low T. TRT involves the administration of testosterone into the body. The testosterone is administered via a number of ways (injections, gels, oral medication, pellets embedded under the skin, etc.) but the results are the same. Within a matter of weeks, patients can see palpable improvements in their quality of life and their bodies. Men who had suffered from a lack of energy and decreased muscle mass can start enjoying life again.

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