Is Back Pain Ruining Your Life?


Do you think you may need surgery to treat your back pain? Think again. There are many treatment options open to people that suffer from this type of pain. It is always a good idea to exhaust all non-invasive efforts before turning to surgery. You could save yourself from going under the knife, so to speak. Some back pain disorders can be treated with chiropractic acupuncture, yoga, exercise, and meditation.

Back Pain Can Be Manageable

According to Dr. Michael Sinel, back pain can be completely manageable while avoiding surgery. Over fifty million Americans suffer from back pain, with nearly 5% thinking they require back surgery. However, aren’t there other ways to handle this type of pain? The answer is yes with research showing that less treatment is actually more.

Education Is the Key to Less Back Pain

Some pain in the back region can come from spinal disorders. There are exercises considered to be progressive that can help. Back pain itself entails a plodding, intentional, and deliberate fix. The answer is to address a slower fix that progressively builds back health instead of entirely focusing on eliminating pain. The better your back health is, the less pain you will suffer.

It Takes a Multidisciplinary, Whole-Person Approach

When it comes to treating back pain, Dr. Michael Sinel believes that it takes a multidisciplinary, whole-person approach. It is important to keep an open mind in order to find treatments that fit you perfectly. Some of the approaches that help may include yoga, stretching as well as private practice sessions geared toward rehabilitation.

Other approaches include self-help techniques including nerve blocks, guided imagery and medication if needed. The goal is to get to the root of the pain that could be emotional. Even psychologists agree that emotional trauma or distress can cause pain that doesn’t actually exist within your back, but instead in your mind.

Find the Right Treatment

It is important that you are able to find the right treatment that stops the pain. While others may have different ideas concerning your back problems, the right treatment for you may be different for others. The point is to find what works for you instead of focusing on what everyone else says works for them. It is imperative that you find relief systematically instead of by coincidence.

Don’t Gamble with Pain

Schedule a private consultation with a doctor you trust. They can help coordinate a treatment plan that fits you perfectly. More than anything integration and timing of your treatment options are integral whether they are non-traditional or traditional. You want to successfully overcome pain. The first step is being ready to try a combination of things including exercise.

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach Has a High Success Rate

It is important to understand that tackling back pain includes a multi-disciplinary approach. The accolades include improving your mood, mobility, and overall your life. Chronic and acute pain in the back can be treated by really studying to find out what works for you. Avoid impulse choices that could leave you in more agony. Remain conservative by trying non-invasive approaches and ease into more intensive treatments until you find relief.

Is the Obvious Really Obvious?

Try not to skip some obvious solutions to treat pain in your back. Have you already tried heat therapy, ice packs, or standing more often rather than sitting during a workday? Your posture matters too. Are you making it a point to sit up straight? When was the last time you had a massage from a skilled and experienced therapist? All of those options can help improve your back health over time. Don’t forget that even simple things can have a great impact on your back.

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