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How to block emf

The world we live in now presents us with so many different challenges. The technology we take for granted for day to day communication, entertainment, and work pose new challenges to our health and safety. Cell phones especially are distressing. Cell phones produce electromagnetic (EMF) radiation, and in increasing volumes as more cell towers go up around the country. This is a cause for concern, as this spread of towers means that children could potentially be exposed to 1,000 times more RP exposure in their homes and schools than what existed 25 years ago. In 2007, a study concluded that more could be done to protect the public, and scientific public safety limits were necessary at least five years ago.

What is the danger of EMF though, and what can the average person do to protect themselves from cell phone radiation? EMF affects the body in several ways. In a national study, adults ages 81 to 91 with short-term exposure to GSM cell phone radiation reported headache, neurological problems, sleep, and concentration problems. In children, those who had mothers who used cell phones during their pregnancy 25% demonstrated higher emotional problems, 35% increased hyperactivity, 49% increase in conduct problems, and 34% more problems with peers. Cell phone radiation protection technology does exist though. Having a The BioElectric Shield make it easier to dramatically decrease the amount of radiation your child may be exposed to. In 2010, a study showed that children and adolescents age 8-17 demonstrated headaches, irritation, and difficulties concetrating in school when exposed to short term EMF. The shields, as an EMF blocker, can reduce the amount of unwanted energy from other people and objects, and neutralize EMF radiation from cell phones and laptops. Laptop radiation shields are crucial for couples trying to have children- one 2012 study showed decreased sperm viability when exposed to only four hours of WIFI level radiation.

Bioelectric shield’s cell phone radiation protection also includes protection for children, especially those with autism and ADHD, whose conditions may be worsened by exposure to EMF radiation. Other products include EMF protection jewelry that offer maximum cell phone radiation protection. Varying levels of protection are available, making it easier for those with electromagnetic sensitivity to pick the level that is right for them. The emf protection necklace is an easy way to protect yourself and your children from harmful rays. The Shields also have many accessories meant to complement anyone’s lifestyle and protection needs, ranging from stylish cords to energy focusing gem jewelry.

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