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Broken bone treatment

Generally speaking, your primary doctor is the best place to start when you’re sick or hurt. They know your health history and therefore can make informed choices about treating you. However, many primary care physicians have normal business hours, and how often do illnesses and injuries happen when it’s most convenient for you? So what do you do if your primary care physician is not an option? Urgent care centers offer an alternative to emergency room care that is much simpler and less time consuming, especially if your condition isn’t life threatening.

Urgent care hours are usually after normal business hours. In fact, over two-thirds of urgent care centers open prior to 9:00 am during the week and 85% of them are open seven days a week. Many centers offer on-site diagnostic tests and treat things like abdominal pain, rashes, allergies, asthma, infections, heartburn and other somewhat routine issues that require the attention of a doctor, nurse or nurse practitioner.

There are multiple every day medical issues that come up that urgent care can handle.

Did you know?

  • At least 40% of people who experience chronic lower back pain do not see a doctor or physical therapist. Urgent care offers a more cost effective, simple alternative to get informed about your condition.
  • Reports estimate that 25,000 Americans sprain their ankle each day. Waiting on emergency room care for a sprained ankle is probably not the most efficient use of your time; why not go to an urgent care center?
  • Approximately 65% of individuals over the age of 60 experience dizziness or loss of balance, often on a daily basis. Urgent care offers a quicker, more sustainable response to these issues that can put minds at ease for another day.
  • An estimated 3 million patients visit urgent care centers each week and there are currently 20,000 physicians who practice Urgent Care Medicine today. Why not start taking advantage of the benefits?

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