Why You Should Utilize Your Local Urgent Care Center


If you’re looking for high quality health care, consider your local urgent care center. Urgent care locations can be found all throughout the United States, with well over 7,000 of them documented as of the year of 2016. Now serving upwards of three million patients on a weekly basis and staffing around 20,000 doctors, this number is likely to have increased in the time that has passed us by since. In the years that are to come, these numbers are all quite likely to continue improving and trending upward.

But why is this the case? Primarily, it is because these urgent care locations provide a wide array of services to people. For one thing, going to an urgent care center for an injury of nearly any nature is something that a great many people feel comfortable doing. After all, the typical medical clinic is likely going to be able to treat a wider array of conditions than you might even realize.

The data to support this claim, after all, is quite clear on the subject indeed. For instance, four out of every five separate urgent care locations are able to treat fractures as well as diagnose them. This is a good thing indeed, as getting assessed for an injury like an ankle sprain, so deeply common that more than 25,000 instances of them occur each and every year, can easily lead to a fracture diagnosis. Knowing for sure whether or not you have a fracture will be instrumental to your treatment, something that can, in turn, be critical for how you heal. Therefore, it is important to get medical attention as soon as you are able to do so. Being able to go to a local walk in clinic can help make this all the easier.

Fortunately, urgent care centers can treat a variety of other conditions as well. Illnesses, for instance, are frequently seen in these medical clinics. For instance, various infections will be quite frequently seen, with many an ear infection and urinary tract infection (more commonly referred to simply as a UTI) passing through its building. Such infections are quite simple to treat, typically only requiring some monitoring and a round of antibiotics. For many people, going to an urgent care clinic is also going to be far easier for such minor concerns than making another type of doctor’s appointment elsewhere.

In addition to this, various forms of testing can be conducted at the typical walk in clinic. TB testing, for instance, is common. After all, TB testing is often essential for those who have been recently hired. In order to secure the job position in question, TB testing must first be conducted. Fortunately, TB testing is largely inexpensive and painless. TB testing can even be conducted quite quickly, though the results of TB testing will take longer to arrive. And fortunately for many, TB testing can occur at just about any urgent care facility, negating the need to make – and pay for – and appointment with your primary care doctor.

In addition to TB testing, other forms of testing are also provided at various walk in health clinics. Another great example is that of DOT drug and alcohol testing. In many cases, this DOT testing is another form of testing that will need to be completed before a new hire can be finalized. Fortunately, DOT testing is easy and succinct like the TB testing above. And with it easily obtained at urgent care clinics throughout the country, there is no real reason to put off having it conducted. Even forms of testing like STD testing and pregnancy testing is likely to be offered at many an urgent care facility, at least here in the United States.

At the end of the day, there is much that the typical urgent care center is good for, from TB testing to fracture care and certainly far beyond those things as well. In the years that are ahead of us, more and more people are likely to see the benefit of urgent care treatment as it can benefit just about every single one of us at one point in time or another. All in all, a very critical thing indeed.

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