How Your Podiatrist Can Help You Remain Undefeeted


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Being on your feet all day or being physically active brings unique challenges to our feet and ankles. Feet are kind of weird- but important! Being in pain on your feet for any measure of time make getting around difficult and unpleasant. Orthopedic podiatrists exist to solve those challenges and pains. They’re doctors who diagnose and treat issues with feet, ankles, and other leg problems. Runners try on compression stockings for their muscles, and various foot care products to save toe nails and ankles, to more serious ankle and foot injuries. Even for those who don’t enjoy punishing themselves with running find the services of orthopedic podiatrists useful, for treating simple issues such as ingrown toenails, plantar warts removal, bunions, and callouses. They’re also wonderful resources for stress fractures and other more serious fracture types. Sprains and strains are common injuries, as 60% of Canadians over 17 report getting them. Perhaps this is not so surprising, because according to experts, the stress placed on your feet when you’re walking is roughly 1.25 times the weight of our bodies and increases to 2.75 when you run.

Incredibly, your feet have 25% of the bones in your body, so it’s important to make sure they’re in good health. For those with serious conditions such as diabetes, it’s imperative to make sure you’re on top of your health. It’s estimated that out of the 345,000 people in Canada living with diabetes, 15% will develop a diabetic foot ulcer in their lifetime. Diabetic foot care is especially important, to ensure that problems do not arise to a degree where the patient may have severe complications with their feet. Orthopedic podiatrists can ensure the best outcomes for people with these conditions. Orthopedic podiatrists wind up providing care for 65% of toenail problems and 63% of bunion problems. Women who wear high heels may also find themselves in need of a orthopedic podiatrist’s services- one in ten women wear heels and a third report falling in them. Heels are terrible for your feet as well-your podiatrist can help you determine what kinds of devices or treatments may make them less punishing on your feet.

Podiatrists can also provide tendonitis treatment, orthotics for various ligament issues, and foot surgeries. Your local podiatrist can guide you to the best tools for you to make getting around easier and healthier.

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