A Surprising High Doctors for Medical Marijuana


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Getting high across America is slowly becoming easier. While some states are looking at the possibilities of outright legalization, like Colorado, others are exploring the benefits of medical marijuana. Historically speaking, getting high has attracted a fair share of interesting characters from Snoop Dog and more recently Rhianna and Lady Gaga.
More practically speaking, doctors for medical marijuana point to the high rate of addiction of alcohol, the number one drug problem in the country, and many other uses for pain management and improvements in quality of life for some chronic illness and disease. One in every four Americans have suffered from pain that lasts longer than 24 hours. Millions more suffer from other acute kinds of pain.

Doctors who prescribe medical marijuana do so because they see how it positively affects patients with cancer, HIV, migraines, multiple sclerosis, and arthritis, among other conditions. It also may be beneficial for those with persistent mental health conditions such as anxiety, which affects 18% of the American population 18 years and older. Those with higher education are more likely to drink. Perhaps legal marijuana is a way to curb some of the worrying costs of binge drinking and addiction. Problem drinking can begin at a young age as those between the ages of 18 to 29 are susceptible to it. Marijuana may potentially also be used to treat ADHD- a lack of clinical trials prevents many doctors from prescribing it as a treatment, but speculate it may work and has great potential. Treatment costs from addiction vary from one family practice center to another. Some doctors who prescribe medical marijuana may do so because research indicates it is a viable treatment option for their patients. They are hopeful decreased stigma against smoking will lead to increased funding for trials that confirm anecdotally what many already know. Perhaps reducing the stigma and offering other alternatives to treat mental health issues may actually decrease the stigma around seeking help for mental health issues. Doctors for medical marijuana point out that 80% of depressed adults do not seek treatment for their depression. Less stigma could be beneficial for all. Even more convincingly,

Medical marijuana may also act as a tool for recovery from addiction. Several recent studies point to this possibility. Additionally, withdrawal from alcohol and other hard drugs often include stymptoms medical marijuana is used to treat such as insomnia, pain, nausea, anxiety, and depression. Doctors for medical marijuana will tell you there are many facts and fiction about marijuana as treatment for mental health issues, and that it’s important to separate facts from fiction. You should do your research to see if this option is right for you and go over it with a trusted medical professional. Any doctor for medical marijuana, especially if you are seeking recovery treatment, is that there are many frameworks for recovery. The important thing is finding what’s right for you.

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