What a Team of House Flippers Needs On-Site


We’ve all seen shows like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Seeing those contractors transform a dilapidated property into something marvelous in only a week is exciting. Behind the scenes, however, a lot of planning goes on. The YouTube video “TIMELAPSE – From DUMP to DREAM HOUSE in 10 minutes” offers a 10-minute time lap of an entire home rebuilt from the ground up. It’s clear from the video that planning is an integral part of the success of these teams!

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How to Keep Your Team Productive

Completing a big project on time means your team is productive at least 80% of the time. To keep your team productive, you must make provisions and ensure they have everything they need to succeed.

That includes ensuring they have sufficient facilities. Bathroom breaks can cut into time if the facility is off-site. Also, not all locations have this facility on-site.

You can address this problem by renting portable toilets. A porta potty rental in Virginia Beach includes delivery and pickup of the lavatories and maintenance if the crew is on-site for longer than a week. Crew members now have access to convenient facilities on-site and don’t have to travel to the nearest restroom.

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