Are You a Good Candidate for Body Contouring?


The answer? Almost certainly yes. Essentially, everyone is a good candidate for body contouring, although some folks may benefit more than others. Some people may also need to take steps before undergoing body contouring.

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For example, it’s best to wait until your weight has stabilized before undergoing this procedure. If you’re in the middle of an intense diet, you may want to hold off on contouring until you reach a stable point.

As for folks who don’t make good candidates, typically medical professionals recommend that only healthy individuals undergo a procedure. Someone with a serious condition, like cancer or an autoimmune disease may not be a good candidate. Still, even if you suffer from such a condition, it’s smart to talk with doctors about your options.

Through body contouring medical professionals can reshape the body, including tissues and skin. If you’ve lost a lot of weight recently, you may have “flabby” skin, for example. With contouring, the skin can be tightened. Many other procedures can also be performed. It’s wise to talk with a doctor about your options, and every patient should approach the procedure with a healthy outlook and realistic expectations.


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