Learning About Immunotherapy Treatments


The MD Anderson Cancer Center channel presents a video titled How Does Cancer Immunotherapy Work, in which the benefits of immunotherapy in treating cancer patients are discussed. This is a broad term for treatment that uses substances that trigger the immune system to fight cancer in the cells.

They use chemical substances made in the lab or antibodies from your body to fight cancer. There are several types of immunotherapy for cancer and your doctor can choose the best type for your illness. Immunotherapy for cancer is used for many types of cancer with satisfactory results.

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Immunotherapy for cancer targets T Cell and APC cells that protect your body and fight disease. It keeps them working instead of turning off when cancer is detected in the cells. Sometimes these cells are switched off due to the complexity of cancer. This type of therapy is used to treat bladder, kidney, lung, and other types of cancer. Sometimes immunotherapy for cancer must be combined with chemotherapy, medication, or radiation to treat cancer. It triggers the immune cells to attack and kill cancer cells in the body. Sometimes it is successfully used alone to treat certain types of cancer in the body.


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