Various Wheelchair Parts and The Use of Wheelchair Rim Grip Tape


At this point about 10% of all people worldwide are living with a disability of some sort, placing many individuals in wheelchairs. This means that the tires and wheels are very importantly repaired, replaced, and serviced, with the need for wheelchair rim grip tape being quite essential. Disabilities are often related to so many other problems, including the fact that they tend to make about 70% less annually than those without disabilities, along with the fact that about 20% of the world’s poorest individuals have disabilities. Considering the care and equipment needed by those with disabilities, this is a great challenge.

Mobility for the Disabled

Many individuals need a wheelchair to get around on a daily basis. Given the nature of the wheelchair, there is often a need to update the wheels and tires that receive a great amount of stress from daily use. Therefore, many different materials and tools are helpful for these constant updates, including wheelchair rim grip tape and wheelchair bearings. Considering the importance of mobility for those who have undergone surgery or fallen victim to serious injury, there is much importance to having all materials and tools available at all times.

Various Parts for The Wheelchair

Considering the many disabilities and other health issues, there is much to plan for the maintenance and service of wheelchairs. Some parts are essential to keep updated on a regular basis, while others may only need to be replaced when they are broken. Key parts to the wheelchair include the following:

  • Tires for wheelchairs
  • Wheelchair backrests
  • Wheelchair calf straps
  • Wheelchair hand rims
  • Wheelchair side guards
  • Wheelchair locks
  • Wheelchair footrests

In addition to these parts, it is most important to make sure that wheels and tires are maintained regularly, with the need for wheelchair rim grip tape coming into play quite often. Even more so, additional wheelchair features are needed for some people or even other self-care items like the shower chair for rehab, folding wheelchairs, and more.

Tires for Wheelchairs Needed in the United States

At this point, about 3.6 million Americans over the age of 15 use a wheelchair. That means that special parts such as calf straps for wheelchairs, footrests for wheelchairs, tires for wheelchairs, and others must be replaced regularly. With these additional costs, it is troublesome to believe that these individuals tend to earn so much less than others.

Personal Care Services

With a lot of importance that comes to caring for disabled individuals, the service and maintenance of their wheelchairs is important as well. It could be a permanent or short-term situation, but either way, it is important that they have access to quality personal transportation. A wheelchair helps these individuals move about on their own, even completing a certain amount of their daily care independently. Home health aides and others provide veteran services, disability services, elderly care, adult daycare, and in-home daycare. Even more than caring for the person in need of regular or special care, there are specialty tires for wheelchairs that can help provide the perfect transportation needed on a daily basis.

While there are many disability centers that can provide wonderful care for those in need, it is important that the millions living with the need for wheelchairs are able to keep the proper equipment for daily mobility.

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