Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right Home Exercise Equipment


To improve your cardiovascular health, it is recommendable to engage in 30 minutes of moderate physical activity for five days a week, equating to at least 2.5 hours every. You can either decide to go to the gym or workout from home. A home gym features a compact equipment unit that allows exercising in one area. Working out from home is convenient as it gives you an option during bad weather.

Exercise equipment can be categorized into cardio equipment and strength equipment.

Cardio equipment

Cardio equipment are those that simulate running, walking, skiing, cycling, and rowing. You can easily find them in fitness stores. These machines help to burn fat and calories. Types of aerobic exercise equipment include Elliptic trainers, cross country ski machine, rowing machine, treadmills, and stair steppers.

Strength equipment

These machines build strength by harnessing external weight, body weight, gravity, and tension as a resistance force. Some of this equipment include exercise mat, hand weights, ankle weights, bands, and tubing and resistance bands.

When buying exercise equipment san hose from fitness stores, below are some important things you should consider.

1. Safety

Some equipment, such as barbells and plates are quite heavy. Some will require special wear, such as a steel-capped boot to use. Ensure you inquire this from the fitness stores.

What is your Budget?

The first thing you should figure out when going to fitness stores is how much you are ready to spend on your equipment. Each gym has its unique needs that add up to cost. The budget will determine if you will lease or buy exercise equipment. Similarly, when purchasing, you’ll need to figure out if you can afford new equipment or go for old machines.

Exercise What You Enjoy Doing

Think about the exercise you feel at pleasure doing. Do you like running or lifting weights? Your interest should help choose the ideal equipment. You can start simple and add equipment as you move along.

Determine what Space you Have Available

Measure the area you are planning to place your equipment. It is crucial to plan space as no one wants a crowded area. The measures helps you to find an excellent fit for your home. The good thing is that most equipment have spec requirement suggestions. Therefore, it is good to ask a fitness store sale representative about measurements of equipment. Remember to factor in extra space for ease of getting on and of the machine and safety. Another key consideration as far as space is concerned is ceiling height. Elliptical trainers and treadmills can raise you a couple of inches high. Also, ensure there is enough headroom. If the exercise requires room for leg extension, ensures that it is also factored in. Also, ensure you have enough space for storage. Lastly, your home gym should have enough room for strength training, floor aerobics, and stretching.


Delivery and installation are very important considerations. Determine if it is something you can install yourself. Some machines are one piece that one can place down and start using. Others will require some bolting time, while others will take time to set up. You should, however, enquire from the fitness store about installation before you buy. Fully assembled multi-gyms will definitely not fit through a doorway. Therefore, they’ll require expertise and take time to set up.

Number of Users

How many people will be using the gym? If you will be exercising with your partner or kids, it is vital to get multi station equipment that can accommodate several people at the same time. However, installing multistation machine is expensive.

Warranty and maintenance

Expensive gym equipment should stand the tests of time, even with consistent and regular use. Therefore, you should inquire from the seller about warranties and maintenance involved. A fitness store should provide warranty for parts

The purchase of home fitness equipment will be influenced greatly by cost and space among other things. Starting small and upgrading your equipment later is a good idea. For instance, you can decide to start with jumping rope if you want to improve cardiovascular conditioning before you invest in expensive cardio machine. Always ensure that you should use fitness equipment that is in line with your objectives, especially if you are working within a budget.

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