5 Benefits of Following a Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than one third (78 million) of all adults in the U.S. are obese. Research has associated obesity with various health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, and even cancer.

This is why approximately 54% of adults in the country are trying to shed the extra pounds. Though there are numerous diet plans and weight loss programs, not all will yield the results you desire.

Thanks to research, it has been established that the results from weight loss programs vary among people with different body types. Therefore, for the best results, it is better to have a customized weight loss plan.

Benefits of a Personalized Weight Loss Plan

1. Medical Assessment

Medical professionals supervise personalized weight loss programs from start to finish. To begin with, the doctor will evaluate your health, physical condition, as well as your present exercise routines and diet.

This data will enable them to develop a weight loss program that suits your unique needs. It will also provide a baseline for monitoring your progress once you start your program.

While developing your program, physicians will also account for personal obstacles. These include your behaviors, lifestyle, and experience. By anticipating the potential challenges that can derail you, the physicians will recommend a program that will give you the best chance of success.

2. Diet Plan to Match Your Needs and Lifestyle

Your diet is an essential part of any customized weight loss plan. Based on the doctor’s findings, a diet plan will be recommended. It will include tips on how to schedule your meals and methods of preparing healthy snacks and foods.

Losing weight does not mean leaving all your favorite foods behind. The diet plan you get will give you advice on how you can still enjoy your favorite delicacies in a healthy way.

3. Body Specific Exercise Routine

Working out is often lauded as a healthy practice. However, exercising the wrong way can lead to serious and long term health complications. To avoid this, the physician will determine the workout that suits your body type and physical condition.

Since the routine will factor in your diet, past injuries, and ability level, you can work out without worrying about injuring yourself.

4. Adopt New and Healthy Habits

A customized weight loss plan requires high levels of commitment and discipline to yield the desired result. This is because your body may take some time before it adjusts to the workout program.

Also, sticking to the diet plan, which prevents you from eating whatever and whenever you want is difficult at first. These challenges are the main reason why many people are unable to commit to weight loss programs alone.

However, with a personalized program, you will have a physician who will monitor your progress and hold you accountable for your actions. With such support, it will be easier to stick to your workouts and diet.

After some time, your body will adjust, and you will form new habits from your program. This will make it easier for you to maintain your weight and fitness levels throughout your life.

5. Improved Health

As you lose weight, you will also be reducing your chances of getting lifestyle diseases. Even more exciting, there will be noticeable physical changes. To begin with, you will experience greater mobility, agility, endurance, and your energy levels will increase significantly.

As such, tasks that were previously difficult to perform will become easier to do, and you will feel like a renewed person.

Are Personalized Programs Worth the Effort?

A customized weight loss plan can produce extraordinary results which will improve the quality of your life significantly. Your body is also able to build muscle which is essential to everyday activity. You could begin your weight loss journey by visiting 20/20 LifeStyles which offers a medically guided program to help you lose 20 pounds or more.

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