Here are 5 Reasons to Go Visit Urgent Care


From the moment we’re born until the end of our lives, it’s important to receive the proper medical care when we need it. It becomes even more important to take care of our health when we reach adulthood and the responsibility for going to see the doctor falls squarely on our shoulders. One of the best places to go to receive medical treatment is urgent care. These are walk-in medical clinics with first-rate doctors on staff, and can be found in cities all over the country. Some try to avoid urgent care because they think they provide a lower level of medical service, but in truth urgent clinics have top-rate doctors on staff. There are a number of important reasons to go visit urgent care, and this article will take a look at a few of them.

  • Receive the Annual Flu Shot: One reason to go visit urgent care is because you can get the annual flu shot at any of their locations. If you do nothing else, receiving the annual flu shot serves to drastically reduce your chances of catching the flu virus each fall and winter. And since urgent care clinics don’t require appointments, you’re free to walk in for a shot at any time that’s convenient for you.
  • Get Tested for STDs and HIV: Another reason to go visit urgent care is because they can provide important medical testing for STDs and HIV. These are important tests to have done if you even suspect you or a partner have been infected with any of these diseases, because the consequences of not receiving treatment can be life-altering. Urgent care being open for 24 hours a day makes it easy to receive this testing at any time.
  • Be Treated for Flu Symptoms: A third reason to go visit urgent care is because the first-rate doctors on staff can diagnose and treat your flu symptoms, including nausea, fever, congestion, and sore throat, just to name a few. You can walk in without having to wait for an appointment, and have your symptoms looked at, allowing you to receive treatment as soon as possible, and potentially heading off the worst of the flu virus.
  • Receive Important Vaccinations: A fourth reason to go visit urgent care is you can go there to receive important vaccinations. For example, you can receive vaccines for the different forms of hepatitis, chicken pox, measles, mumps, and the tetanus shot. Urgent care has all of the important vaccinations available, so if you or your child needs to receive a shot, you can go in right away without having to wait for an appointment.
  • Receive Treatment for Sports Injuries: And finally, a fifth reason to visit urgent care is because you can receive treatment for sports injuries. Urgent care staff are trained to work with common sports injuries, including sprained and broken ankles and wrists, skinned knees and elbows, and minor lacerations that might require stitches. They can also, if necessary, do X-rays on minor injuries to determine if any bones are broken. If you or your child receives an injury while playing sports, urgent care is the place to go for treatment.

In conclusion, there are a number of reasons to go visit urgent care. These reasons include, but are not limited to, receiving the annual flu shot, getting tested for STDs and HIV, being treated for flu symptoms, receiving important vaccinations, and receiving treatment for sports injuries. This is just a sample of what an urgent care clinic can do for you.

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