Why Some Patients Prefer A Medical Walk In Clinic


Urgent care clinics

When your doctor is not available, he may suggest an urgent care center. A type of medical walk in clinic, urgent care facilities offer treatment for patients who do not need an emergency room. It is always best to see your doctor, but when after hours treatment is needed, a medical walk in clinic offers many benefits.

Quick Treatments
When a patient visits a medical walk in clinic they will be able to be treated quickly and affordably. Staff is able to perform rapid tests while patients wait. There are on-site X-ray machines, which allow the image to be read immediately. Blood tests can be performed as well as strep cultures. The doctors at medical walk in clinics write prescriptions, so patients do not need to wait to start any necessary treatments.

Routine Exams
Whether it is a routine physical, pre-surgery exam, or sports readiness assessment, some patients choose a medical walk in clinic. In addition, just like at a family medical clinic, vaccinations for travel, the flu or other illnesses can be obtained. The extended hours at a walk in medical clinic make getting these types of services less of a hassle.

Capable Caring Staff
Some patients may be concerned the staff at a medical walk in clinic is not invested in their care. This should never be considered. The physicians and other staff are trained in their fields and have the same experience as your family doctor office staff. After hours urgent care is often necessary and the staff wants patients to be comfortable until they can see their own doctor. They will follow up with a report to the family doctor and make he receives any test results.

Every patient has the right to choose the type of medical care they want. For some patients, the security and consistency of a family doctor is best. For other patients, using a medical walk in clinic is all they need for minor illness or injury. The next time it is after hours or your doctor is not available; try one of your local urgent care centers. They may be just what the doctor ordered!
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