How a Heart Surgeon Can Save You from Imminent Death


Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Statistics show that in every four deaths, one is caused by cardiac complications. This fraction translates to more than 610,000 deaths every year.

In addition to that, records from the Department of Health show that these deaths are as prevalent in women as they are in men. Therefore, it is important to talk about the things that can save people from this killer disease. One of the ways through which people can stay safe is by visiting a heart surgeon.

How a heart attack occurs

A heart attack occurs when arteries block. Different factors can lead to a blockage on one or more arteries, and this means that blood will not flow to the heart. The result is that there will be no oxygenated blood flowing to the heart chambers, and this exposes the victim to danger. Heart attacks do not usually lead to sudden death because the heart continues to survive on the little blood reserves in it. However, when someone takes long before unblocking the arteries, the heart starts dying slowly, and that is how it can become fatal. A cardiac surgeon can save you from such danger.

Sudden cardiac arrest

Unlike a heart attack, sudden cardiac arrest is a result of a malfunctioning heart. It may be caused by the slow degeneration of the heart tissues. One of the worst things about it is that it usually comes without warning. That is the reason a person may look healthy, but collapse and die the next minute. Often, this kind of death can be prevented by regular visits to a heart surgeon. Diagnostic imaging can detect signs of possible cardiac arrest, and so, it is good to visit a heart clinic for a checkup frequently.

What to do in case of a heart attack or cardiac arrest

Sometimes, you may not be sure if you are suffering from a heart attack or cardiac arrest. Regardless of how you feel, the first step should be to look for a heart surgeon. Calling the emergency number will always help no matter where you are. In addition, you may want to contact local organizations that offer help to such patients. With emergency medical care, a cardiac arrest can be reversed. However, it is important to note that this reversal can only happen when treatment or surgery is administered within a few minutes.

Treating heart diseases using minimally-invasive procedures

When a heart surgeon prefers surgery to treat a heart disease, they will be looking for ways to make it minimally-invasive. To start with, they will not suggest surgery when they know that there are other ways to save your life. A cardiologist often explores several solutions. However, when they choose surgery it may not have to be a complete open-heart surgery process. The method that they use for treatment depends on how severe your problem has become.

Using advanced technology to treat heart disease

Nowadays, heart surgery has been advanced by the introduction of modern technology. Physicians use specialized technology to detect diseases, and therefore, they can provide more comprehensive treatment. For instance, they use advanced imaging solutions in the operating room to maximize accuracy. After surgery, they will use the best devices to provide heart support so that the patient can enjoy a comfortable recovery process. Once you find the best surgeons, recovery will be guaranteed.

To sum everything up, finding the right heart surgeon is your only hope when it comes to surviving heart attacks and cardiac arrests. To be sure of the best services, you should look for reputable surgeons. You also need to find those with certifications and accreditations because it shows that they can deliver high-quality surgery services. Make sure that they have experience in treating various heart conditions, and they have the latest equipment in their clinics to do the job. After treatment, a change in lifestyle can help you live longer.

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