A Green Way To Live, A Green Way To Move Why More Americans Are Taking Up Cycling


Cycling is a truly wonderful hobby.

America’s cycling culture has been taking off without a hitch these past few decades. From the mother with three kids that wants to shave off a few pounds to the student looking to save money on transportation costs, there’s always a good reason to start biking. Actually biking comfortably, however, is another story entirely. It’s not exactly healthy to arrive at your destination with a sore back, now is it? Before you plan out your next cycling adventure, consider the ways you could be improving your experience.

The benefits of having a comfortable bike seat range far and wide…even if you don’t realize it.

The United States’ Cycling Industry

The American cycling industry is flourishing. A recent study found the bicycle industry saw over $6 billion in direct sales back in 2015. The same year saw over $1 billion in used bicycle (and additional parts) sold. If you’ve been considering an exciting hobby alongside your usual workweek, cycling is a fantastic place to start. You can enjoy the sights, get fit, and even meet some like-minded people on your journey.

Why Americans Are Choosing To Commute By Bike

There are a lot of smart reasons to take up cycling as a hobby. It’s estimated less than three and a half million adults frequently ride bicycles, which totals one-eighth of all adult cyclists. That said, states across the country have seen a collective 45% increase in the number of people commuting since 2005. Bicycling is frequently chosen as a way to cultivate a more green lifestyle as well as a way to get fit. It’s also cheaper than driving by far.

Health Benefits Of Regular Cycling

What are the physical health benefits of cycling a few times a week? Just take a look at some of these statistics. A study conducted by the British Medical Association found that coronary heart disease was reduced by 50% when people cycled at least 20 miles a week. It can help you build stronger leg muscles, reduce depressive symptoms, and increase your lifespan. Adding a high quality touring saddle will also keep you from arriving at your destination sore and frustrated.

A Green Lifestyle On The Go

For those that want to start living a more green lifestyle, cycling is where it’s at. Single-passenger vehicles are one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions, thanks to traffic congestion. Too much CO2 damages the ozone layer, tosses pollutants into the air, and generally makes the world a worse place to live. Every time you choose your bicycle instead of a car you go a long way in reversing this trend. It’s estimated over $80 million is spent on bicycling gear in the United States, ranging from touring saddles to custom bike seats.

Choosing The Right Leather Bike Seat

Just how important is a comfortable bike saddle? It’s certainly not going to make you dread an hour ride, that’s for sure. An anatomic saddle is designed to curve to the shape of your body, keeping your muscles from falling asleep as you move from point A to point B. People who participate in general outdoor activities (such as swimming or hiking) will also spend over $10 billion every year on bicycling gear. The touring saddle is a must-have for casual cyclists and dedicated cyclists alike.

Become a green, lean machine. See what a touring saddle can do to improve your cycling game.

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