The Uses of a Gymnastics Mat


Gymnastics stands as one of the oldest known sports, dating back at least 2,000 years in many forms around the world. Today, gymnastics are as popular as ever, and gymnastics mats are used to this and many other athletic activities anywhere. Gymnastic tumbling mats or foam floor mats may be used by high school gymnasts practicing their moves, for example, or gymnastics mats may be used in martial arts training areas. Even police academies and military training grounds can make use of crash mats and gymnastics mats, since these professions involve not only weapon use but also close quarters combat. No one wants to get badly hurt while practicing take-down moves or karate, so gymnastics mats and similar mats are a fine choice. Typically used indoors, such mats can be bought from a local retailer or online, and they can be easily stored or deployed on any flat surface. How often are these mats used? How can they be taken care of?

Users of Foam Mats

Martial arts practice is a common time to make use of gymnastics mats. Training schools and dojos can be found around the world, and in many Asian countries these martial arts are a ay of life. The Shaolin way of life, for example, is alive and well in China. Elsewhere, martial arts don’t dominate a person’s life, but they are taken plenty seriously all the same. It has been found that around 100 million people of all kinds across 192 nations practice karate. This makes it a global sport, and nearly anyone can recognize the image of a barefoot fighter in a white robe with a color-coded fabric belt. Other fighting styles ranging from Wing Chun to kickboxing to Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do may be practiced in many nations, and these combat enthusiasts need the right safety equipment for training. Those practicing karate are looking to perfect their moves, not break a bone.

Martial artists can make ample use of gymnastics mats. Many karate and other martial arts training classes will involve these foam mats to soften the impact of falling, tumbling, or other moves. These mats are ideal for practicing throws, tackles, knocking someone over, or any other move that a martial art calls for. Self-defense classes can also make use of these mats. While self-defense is not a formal martial art like Muay Thai or Tae Kwon Do, it does involve grappling or tackling moves and other take-downs. Practicing self-defense requires some safety measures like martial arts, and a gymnastics mat may do just fine. Those who fall on it are unlikely to get hurt from the fall, and a person may fall on such a mat again and again without undue side effects.

And as the name suggests, gymnastics mats are a staple for anyone practicing gymnastics, whether a professional or a high school student. These mats are flat and tough, so they will not impair the aspiring gymnast’s movements or coordination. These mats can be walked on, jumped on, fallen on, rolled on, or anything else without harming the user at all, unlike a hard floor. In fact, even during real gymnastics competitions, these mats are typically used to avoid any injuries from falling, such as fracturing a bone. A high school may have a number of these mats available for students to use during practice, and a person may even buy their own mat to use at home if they have the open space needed for it.

The Mats

A person or martial arts club can purchase these mats from local retailers or online as needed, and the size and color of different mats may vary. The chosen size may reflect the square footage available in the premises or the intended number of uses on the mat at a time. In some situations, such as a police training academy, several mats may be used at once. In any case, a mat should be taken care of. Sharp objects should be kept away so that the fabric and stuffing aren’t damaged, and no food or drinks should be brought near it. A damaged mat may have its rips or tears sewn closed before they leak stuffing or tear even wider later on.

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