Natural Options for Handling Chronic Back Pain


Chronic back pain is one of the common medical issues experienced in the United States. It can range from a minor irritation to being completely debilitating depending on the cause and how long the person has gone without treatment. However, if you suffer from any range of back pain disorders you don’t need to fret. There is help for you.

There are many options out of there to help deal with back pain and spinal disorders that don’t involve invasive surgery. If you’re looking for mindful, physical treatments then Dr. Michael Sinel MD can assist you. Through treatments such as yoga and natural medicines he can help you start feeling better without weeks of recovery from surgery.

Yoga for Back Pain

Yoga is a great form of rehabilitation for back pain sufferers. With a full range of poses and movements that can stretch and open each part of the back, yoga can target all of your problem areas. It is common for back issues to stem from poor posture, damaging repetitive movements, or lack of beneficial movements. Yoga can help to combat each of these. It also helps to make you more mindful of how you move and carry yourself.

Natural Medicines

The problem with natural pain medicines and swelling reducers are that they can be addictive and come with a great deal of side effects. There are natural medicines and oils that can produce similar healing effects without the downsides. Exploring this path can help improve your overall health, not just back health.

Stress Reduction

The first two remedies are great examples of how you can reduce stress as well. Stress can cause an array of back issues, but yoga and natural medicines can help to sooth it. Meditation and mindfulness allows you to deal with and release stress in a way that is lasting and safe.

Contact Dr. Michael Sinel MD

If you would like help learning to manage your back pain through safe, natural remedies and mindfulness, reach out to Dr. Sinel. He can assist you on the road to recovery and teach you methods that will heal not only your back but your mind.

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