Skip the Physician and Pain Medicine for Back Pain and See What Chiropractic Services can do


Back pain plagues many people, whether they admit to it or not. Of all working Americans, half admit to having pain in their back each year, and at any given time 31 million experience low-back pain. This number is even more staggering considering more females suffer from back pain than males. When back pain strikes we want immediate relief so it doesn’t interfere with work or family time, so the first response may be to make a doctor’s appointment. While this is one option, it is not the only option. Chiropractors can offer treatment for back pain with some added benefits that you will not find at the doctors office. Read below to see some of the benefits before making that doctor appointment.


Chiropractic care does more than simply treat your back pain. Chiropractors get to the root of the problem and actually treat the cause of the pain. Eliminating what is causing the pain helps reduce pain without pain medications which can cause dependency. It’s important to remember that, of course, chiropractors can’t cure every issue and every ailment but reversing a great amount of your pain is possible. They target treatment to the systems in your body responsible for the pain. By treating the actual system, such as the nervous system, they can help reverse any issues and alleviate the pain without needing to take pain medicine multiple times per day.


Once determining the possible root of the pain, treatment can begin, and this is where chiropractors excel. The tools they have available to help manage your pain are part of a special customized plan to fix the issue. Tools include modified tables and tools that send a small electric charge into muscles to help relax them. Relaxing muscles helps the treatment sessions revers the damage and cause. It may take a number of sessions, but rest assured that you will have a customized treatment plan tailored specifically to you in which all available tools needed will be used to help with pain management.


Aside from knowing that a visit to the chiropractor can help you take less pain medicines for your back pain it is also nice to know that they offer non-invasive procedures to help alleviate your pain. This means that you won’t ever be pressured for surgery. The treatment you receive will help muscles and nerves by the use of pressure. This means that even if you need more than one session, chances are you will still feel better leaving the office then you did when you arrived. No shots, no steroids and no invasive procedures will be used to help you feel better, meaning you can leave the office and go straight to work if needed.

Multiple Benefits

Most people associate a chiropractic facility with certain ailments such as back pain disorders, spinal disorders or neck pain. The truth is there are far more benefits that can be achieved by visiting a chiropractor. Headaches, sinus infections and ear infections can improve with a visit. Blood pressure can be controlled without the use of medications and lung function and breathing improves with regular visits. Digestive problems can be eliminated and your immune system can be recharged with regular visits.

Chiropractors are well versed in their area of care. The benefits of utilizing their services go far beyond just back pain management. Next time you are plagued with back pain that won’t seem to go away, before reaching for pain medicine and before contacting your doctor find a chiropractor. The care you receive will help with pain, make your body feel better, save you money and maybe eliminate pain medications from your life forever.

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