What to Expect During the Lasik Process


While there are several ways to correct your vision, Lasik continues to remain a popular solution to this problem. Over 20 years ago, Lasik surgery was first introduced in America. Since this time, Lasik has allowed for many people to receive crystal clear vision. In fact, statistics from 2015 found that nearly 21 million Lasik procedures took place. Considering the popularity of this procedure, it’s understandable to feel nervous due to not knowing what to expect. In this post, you’ll learn what to expect throughout the entire Lasik eye surgery process

Becoming a Candidate for This Procedure

Many people will need to visit an eye doctor to find out if they are candidates for Lasik eye surgery. It’s important to note that you’ll want to discontinue wearing contact several weeks before your consultation appointment. Contacts can cause your corneas to slightly change shape. Therefore, the cornea needs to set itself back to its natural shape. You can do this by wearing eyeglasses in the weeks leading up to your consultation. In order to determine this, patients will need to take a series of eye exams. If you’re experiencing conditions that Lasik corrects, you’ll likely receive a referral from your eye doctor.

Preparing for Lasik Eye Surgery

You won’t need to do much to prepare for Lasik eye surgery. Fortunately, you’ll only need to prepare 24 hours before your surgery takes place. In order to do this, avoid wearing any makeup, lotions, or similar products on your face the day before your surgery. You’ll also want to avoid the use of any perfumes or cologne during this time.

If you’re fearful of surgery, you’ll want to know that the Lasik procedure itself is fairly quick. In fact, Lasik procedures only take about 10 minutes to perform on each eye. If you’re having Lasik performed on both of your eyes, only 20 minutes of your day would be spent in surgery.

The Recovery Process

A key component of any Lasik procedure is the flap created during this process. Known as the Lasik flap, this is the name given to the incision made during this surgery. While the name might sound concerning, this incision actually helps patients enjoy a speedy recovery. That being said, there will definitely be a recovery period after receiving Lasik surgery.

One of the most important things to remember is to avoid rubbing your eyes after having Lasik performed. It is a natural human instinct to rub our eyes where they hurt or itch. However, this could cause your incision to heal incorrectly. Your doctor will likely recommend taking mild pain medications in order to seek relief from any discomfort. Another side effect after Lasik surgery is experiencing sensitivity to light. If possible, it’s best to limit any indirect or direct exposure during bright lights while you’re healing. It’s generally recommended that most who receive this surgery schedule at least a few days off from work.

Long Term Recovery

You’ll want to know that the entire recovery process for Lasik eye surgery can take a few months. That being said, the severity of your side effects should drastically diminish within the few days after surgery. Side effects certain patients might experience in the months after their surgeries are episodes of glared vision. However, this is common and usually corrects itself almost immediately.

In closing, there are several steps that go into receiving Lasik surgery. After you’ve have had this surgery, it’s important to keep up with post care doctor appointments. These appointments allow an eye doctor to ensure that your recovery process is going smoothly. In addition, a doctor will ensure to recommend treatments should you experience side effects after surgery. Lasik surgery continues to allow many people with vision problems to see the world clearly.

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