When To Visit a Nearby Foot Doctor


The human race is unique in the animal kingdom in that we are strictly a bipedal species, and the human anatomy, such as the skeleton, reflects this unique posture. The human spine’s S shape, our long and strong legs, arched feet, and how the spine enters the skull from the bottom sets us apart from other mammals such as felines or canines. This gave an evolutionary advantage to early hominids, who chased prey animals across pre-historic Africa. But today, while bipedal movement is still a real advantage, there are also some wear and tear issues that come with bipedal movement. All of a person’s weight is distributed to two legs rather than four, and over time, this can wear out and put pressure on the spinal card, the hips, and especially the feet. The elderly often suffer from back pain, spinal issues, or arthritis in their joints due to many decades of fighting gravity in an upright posture, and the feet and spine in particular need medical help when they are afflicted. A foot doctor, in particular, can help with many different issues of the feet, and foot and ankle conditions are all too common among Americans today. Ankle pain treatment may be just a phone call away, and a foot care specialist can help the feet from any number of conditions. Searching online such as “Foot doctor near me Burlington VT” or “foot doctor near me San Francisco CA” can be a good start.

Finding a Foot Doctor Near Me

A person who is suffering foot problems, or someone who believes that they may soon suffer such problems, can look for local clinics and doctor’s offices where they can get reliable medical help, and this search often starts online. A person can search based on their city and state, ZIP code, or other criteria to find offices near them. A resident of Dallas may search “foot doctor near me Dallas TX”, or someone in New York City may search by borough, such as “foot doctor near me Queens NYC.” The person may get a number of results from this search, and they can start narrowing down the list based on each clinic’s location or any other factor desired. This is a similar process that patients for other doctors, such as dentists or pediatricians, may follow, for such specialized medical professionals. Now, the person looking for a good foot doctor can visit the best sites on the list and meet the doctors there, and get a general feel for how effective the medical assistance may be. Once the patient finds a doctor’s office that is at a convenient location, the prices are fair, and they approve of the doctor there, the right foot doctor’s office has been found. The patient can then visit anytime that they need, and they can rest easy knowing that any time they develop a foot problem or if their existing foot problem gets worse, they know where to go. What sort of issues might send a patient to the foot doctor?

Foot Issues

Diabetes is one such medical issue that may send someone to the foot doctor, in addition to an endocrinologist. Many Americans today are diabetic; the American Association of Diabetes Educators has released data showing that about 30.3 million people were diabetic as of the end of 2017, and they all need the proper care. Insulin kits are one thing, but diabetes can present problems beyond unhealthy blood sugar levels. Diabetes can also damage the nerves of the body, and this includes the feet. A diabetic may suffer from foot problems because their feet are numb, and they may put undue stress on their feet or ankles, get cuts, or expose their feet to harmful heat or cold without even knowing it, due to the numbness. There are a number of home remedies for common symptoms of diabetes, including problems with the feet, but a diabetic is urged to visit not only his or her endocrinologist, but also a foot doctor.

An obese individual may also need to see a foot doctor, as excess body weight can strain the ankles or feet and even cause arthritis. Hammer toes or ingrown toenails are other common reasons to visit a foot doctor.

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