Urgent Care Centers Provide Most Primary Healthcare Services


Walk-in medical clinic

Urgent care medical centers provide a new model of primary healthcare, with walk-in medical clinics that offer quality medical treatment. For families and busy working people, they offer the convenience of seeing a qualified physician without a stressful trip to the emergency room. Walk in clinics also provide other primary healthcare services like sports and work-related physical examinations.

What conditions do urgent care centers treat?
The number of urgent care centers around the country has been growing. These walk-in medical clinics are ideal for those who want to see the doctor at their convenience, without having to make an appointment. Urgent care centers treat most common illnesses and injuries, including stitches, fractures, bumps, and bruises. In case of a life-threatening emergency, the patient should go to the emergency department.
But for most routine illnesses and injuries, urgent care centers are a convenient alternative. In fact, the most common illness treated in walk-in clinics was upper respiratory illness, and the most common procedure was to provide treatment for wounds, as of 2012. Urgent care centers also support a range of other primary healthcare services, including weight loss, management of chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease, and work and sports physicals.

Work-related testing and physicals
Urgent care medical clinics provide health services for employers and workers, including the following:

  • Physical examinations
  • DOT and Non-DOT drug and alcohol testing
  • Immunization and international travel health concerns
  • Office health and wellness programs

They also offer support for employees filing for Workers? Compensation, with evaluation and treatment for work-related injuries and illnesses. Doctors are on site seven days a week, and most clinics have extended hours. They have onsite digital x-ray, laboratories and medicine dispensaries for efficient medical treatment and care. Many workers need help in completing their workers compensation forms, and in providing supporting documentation. They can find help with the paperwork at walk-in medical clinics.

Convenience and quality care
Because of the quality of medical care they offer, walk-in clinics are an increasingly popular option for primary healthcare. According to the Urgent Care Association of America, some 3 million patients use their services each week. About 20,000 physicians currently work in urgent care, and the demand for their services is growing. More than 85% of all urgent care centers are open on weekends, and have extended hours, so people can see the doctor before or after work.
Most insurance plans are accepted. The combination of quality medical care with convenience has created a new model of primary healthcare. As the large number of patients choosing urgent care shows, this model meets an existing need.
The number of walk-in medical clinics around the country will continue to grow in response to the demand for their services. They offer convenient access to quality healthcare, with qualified physicians and staff and onsite laboratories and dispensaries. Urgent care centers also offer a range of other primary healthcare services like weight loss, management of chronic conditions, and work and sports physicals.

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