5 Natural Ways to Care for a Child With Colic



One of the greatest joys in life to experience is raising a child. Unfortunately, many parents know that children can suffer from health problems. One common ailment that is commonly seen with babies is that they’re suffering from what is known as colic. You’ll be happy to know that, in most cases, colic is not a cause for concern. Colic typically begins a few weeks after a child is born and often goes away on its own by the time the baby reaches three months of age. That being said, it’s perfectly understandable to seek out solutions to help soothe your crying infant. With that in mind, here are five natural remedies for colic.

  1. Gently Vibrate the Child

    Many parents quickly learn that babies are often soothed by gentle vibrations. In some cases, simply rocking the baby in a gentle motion can help calm a child who is dealing with colic. You’ll also find that there are devices you can use at home that an infant can be placed inside of. These devices gently vibrate the infant and can be a great source of help while trying to soothe a baby.
  2. Consider Adding Fiber to the Infant’s Diet

    An important part of having good digestive health is consuming enough fiber. While most people will worry about consuming fiber later in life, it’s common for certain infants to need more fiber than what they are currently receiving. You’ll be glad to know that there are natural fiber products that are made to be given to infants safely.
  3. Attempt to Feed the Infant

    In their minds, infants always have a reason behind their cries. You’ll typically find that an infant with colic could be trying to tell you they are either tired or hungry. If you are unable to get your crying infant to sleep, it’s time to consider giving them an extra feeding session. In certain cases, it is common for growing infants to have days where they require extra feedings.
  4. Prepare a Bottle of Chamomile Tea

    For many years, people around the world have consumed chamomile tea for a wide variety of reasons. That being said, one of the most important benefits of consuming chamomile tea is how it helps promote calmness. In addition, this type of tea is known to help prevent and soothe stomach conditions. To give this tea to your child, prepare it as you normally would while making sure to wait until this beverage has cooled to room temperature.
  5. Give Yourself a Break

    You might find yourself feeling overwhelmed while caring for a child with colic. Infants who suffer from colic typically cry for three hours each day. Considering that, it’s understandable to take a few moments to relax. There are many steps that can be taken involving trying different activities in order to calm your child. That being said, it is of the utmost importance that you allow yourself to be in a calm state of mind while caring for a child with colic.

To summarize, there are several tips to follow while caring for an infant who is suffering from colic. While you might think that colic is a major health concern, you’ll be glad to know that this condition is incredibly common. Many parents find that gently vibrating their infants help to calm them down. You might find that adding small amounts of fiber to the diet of your infant helps to reduce bouts of crankiness that are commonly seen with those suffering from colic. Your infant could be crying due to the fact that they are hungry, it’s fine if they are given an extra occasional feeding. In some cases, preparing a bottle of chamomile tea for your infant can help them naturally go to sleep. Don’t forget to make sure that the tea is at room temperature or cooler before giving it to your infant. Lastly, it’s important that you don’t forget about your own stress levels while caring for an infant with colic. You must remember that it’s important to take breaks in order to remain mentally healthy and relaxed while caring for a crying infant.

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