Drug Addiction A Primer


Drug addition centers

There are no statistics associated with this article, so this is going to be a free wheel and deal type of things. There are some terms to know, which will come later, but the most important thing for families and people who are suffering from sign kind of addiction is that there is help available, whatever it may be.

Substance use disorder is defined as a disorder where people use a significant amount of a substance that impairs their ability to function. This functioning can come at work, can come at school, can come in family matters, can come in different things. People are are “addicts” or “alcoholics” may have trouble with this functioning.

The scientific underpinnings of addiction are troubling. According to some research, the use of a substance such as cocaine, alcohol, heroine, meth, or even some process addictions like gambling, produce a high, which comes when the limbic system of the brain is activated. This activation causes the cell structure to change.

When that change occurs, people feel the need for more of that pleasure. Because the chemistry of the cells has changed, people have to get that substance for that pleasure, leading to more and more highs. This eventually leads to the point that people cannot stop using that substance, because it causes pain when the pleasure isn’t hit.

This dependence is not just known for brain chemistry. The body itself can adapt to the drug, which causes the body to need that substance more. This can occur with any drug but most notably occurs with the hard drugs, such as cocaine, heroine, and alcohol. People become addicted to these types of drugs, leading them to eventually seek treatment.

And unfortunately, not all people who use drugs seek treatment, likely leading to their eventual death. There are many people who have abused drugs for a long time that have organ damage or brain damage from the drugs. This can occur even with prescription medication that has been prescribed for pain.

People who suffer from addiction might do things that are not in their typical character. They may steal from individuals, hurt individuals, behave belligerently, get arrested, and engage in all sorts of behavior as the result of their addiction. Often, this occurs most with stealing, as many burglars say they stole to feed their drug habit.

For people looking to receive help or families that are looking for answers, a treatment facility is often an option for many, even those who do not have insurance. A treatment facility is usually a setting where people are taken off drugs, given a pill that makes withdrawals a little bit easier, and gets them healthy.

A treatment facility may involve the use of the 12 steps of recovery, which is an alleged spiritual tool that is designed to give people a “change of heart” about recovery and move them to safer ground. There are other methods as well that are possible and important, though many drug treatment facilities still use this approach.

Many treatment facilities also combine the use of medicine and therapy as part of their treatment programs. Therapy is often called addiction therapy and may focus on removing psychological barriers to getting better. These may include exercises in helping with triggers, noticing different mood states, and other things.

Often, people with addiction may have co-occurring issues. This is often called a “dual diagnosis.” A “dual diagnosis” may involve the presence of a mental illness, on top of the addiction. This may include a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, depression, or schizophrenia, which may require the need for medication.

Medication in general is a popular option in these settings. Medication involves the use of medicine to try to “reign in” the illness, which can include anti-depressants for depression, mood stabilizers for mood issues, and anti-psychotic medication for psychosis.

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Drug rehab centers are available in most of the states. They might be state hospitals, private hospitals, actual rehab centers, day treatment centers, recovery houses and more. Drug rehab centers are helpful for many. Drug rehab centers are useful for getting better, though many do it on their own.

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