What is Micropigmentation and How Does it Work?


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If you?re like two thirds of the men in America, you?ll have some appreciable hair loss by the age of 35. Most of this is due to androgenetic alopecia. Also known as male pattern baldness, the condition is the reason for 95% of men?s hair loss. Is there anything you can do about it? Fortunately, there is. There is hair loss treatment available, including scalp micropigmentation. Read on to learn all about micropigmentation and whether it could be right for you.

What is Micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation is completely different from other types of hair replacement or a hair transplant. It?s actually a cosmetic procedure somewhat similar to traditional tattooing. A special pigment, or dye, is injected with specialist equipment into the scalp in a way that mimics real hair. When it?s done right, the results are guaranteed. The key is having the best computer system and the most skilled practitioners to work on you.

Why is it Better Than Other Treatments?

Simple. It?s cheaper, more reliable, and leaves no scars. Unlike joining a hair club or taking supplements, it won?t require monthly fees. Unlike a transplant, it won?t have to be repeated once it?s finished. Unlike a wig, it?ll never come off and doesn?t need to be replaced.

If I Get Micropigmentation, Will I Look Like I Have a Shaved Head?

Not unless you want to. Micropigmentation can also be used to add density to existing hair, to cover up scars, in conjunction with a hair transplant, or even for women with longer hair!

What Happens When I Go In?

First you have a consultation. This is designed to make you feel comfortable, and for the hair loss specialist to get a good idea of what you need and what you want. There will likely be different styles to choose from, and you can get the look you really want. When treatment begins, it?s usually best to start slow, see how you like the design and look, and then add to gradually. The colors and treatment will be carefully chosen to match your own natural hair color, and then darker colors are added to help make a 3-D illusion of thicker natural hair.

What If I?ve Already Had Hair Therapy?

One of the most common reasons people come fro micropigmentation is to fix hair transplant that went wrong or didn?t take. People who have had scalp strips removed in the FUSS treatment method often have extensive scarring. Micropigmentation can cover this up very well.

Whatever the reason for your hair loss or scarring, micropigmentation is a great option worth exploring. Look into hair treatment centers near you to find out how this particular treatment could give you back your self confidence and be a permanent solution to your hair loss.

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