Install a Batting Cage in Your Backyard for Hours of Fun and Exercise


Batting cages backyard

While the game of baseball originally began in the United States, it has become popular throughout the world. Over 100 countries are currently part of the International Baseball Federation. From the spring of 2015 to the spring of 2016, 13.46 million Americans either played baseball or softball.

The Popularity of Organized Sports in the United States

Organized sports, in general, are popular in this country. On an annual basis, more than 36 million children and teenagers are involved in some type of sport.

The Benefits of Playing Sports

Studies have shown that there are a variety of mental and physical health benefits to playing sports. This includes social benefits, too, of course.

Children that play sports are more inclined to continuing doing so as adults. In fact, they are usually 8 times more likely to participate in sports by the time they reach 24.

In 2015, a survey was conducted with the parents of children that played sports. These parents found that sports benefitted their children in the following areas:

  • Physical health: 88%
  • Giving their children something to do: 83%
  • Teaching discipline and dedication: 81%
  • Teaching children how to get along with others: 78%
  • Mental health: 73%
  • Social life: 65%

When young athletes become involved with sports, they often do this to spend more time with their friends. According to the Athletic Footwear Association’s survey, this applies to 65% of youth athletes.

It’s also interesting to note that when young people play sports, it’s more about the game than keeping score. A survey showed that 71% of the participants stated that wouldn’t care if anyone was keeping score.

A Fun Sports Quiz

Who holds the record for throwing the fastest ball?

That’s right! Cleveland Indian pitcher, Bob Feller, holds that record. He threw a fastball at 107.9 miles per hour back in 1946.

How fast can a baseball bat travel during a swing?

Right, again! It can travel up to 80 miles per hour.

When does a player have the best shot at hitting a home run?

You really know your baseball! When a player hits the ball with the bat’s “sweet spot,” which is between 5 and 7 inches from the bat’s barrel end, they increase their chances of hitting a home run.

The Benefits of Backyard Batting Cages

Have you considered installing batting cages for home practice sessions? When children have batting cages for home use, they will be able to get quite a bit of practice in. Not only will they have fun swinging that bat, they will become even more precise at hitting those balls. Just imagine all the fun they’ll have with their friends, too.

Building a batting cage isn’t that difficult. Batting cages for home practice sessions are easy to set-up. Once the batting cage frame is constructed and the batting cage netting is attached, the entire family will be able to spend quality time together practicing pitching and hitting balls.

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