What Health Problems Can My Family Doctor Help Me With?


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Do you like going to see a stranger when you’re not feeling well? It doesn’t have to be that way. Sometimes referred to as the cornerstone of modern medicine, your family doctor is able to treat just that, all members of the family. My family doctor is essentially a great person to turn to when there are concerns about: ADD, insomnia, low testosterone, and of course common cough and cold symptoms.

Here’s how you talk to them about they concerns you have for each member of the family.

My family doctor can be crucial in the battle against diseases, but they are more than that as well. While my family doctor can diagnosis strep throat in a nine year old child, they can also give advice on the dementia developing in an elderly parent. The family doctor is skilled in administering care to family members of all ages.

Babies and Young Children: Fevers and Sniffles.

An elevated temperature in a baby may not indicate a fever. Doctors classify a fever as a rectal temperature above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Any temperature below this is not technically a fever, although it should be monitored to ensure it does not become one. Fevers in babies under three months of age require immediate attention. If a fever lasts for more than 24 hours in a child of two years, they also need medical attention. A fever of over 104 degrees Fahrenheit in a child of any age also requires immediate attention. Both your child and yourself might feel more comfortable in high-stress situations if it’s a familiar face administering the care.

Older Children to Teenagers: Behavioral Issues.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and its partner, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are common terms in everyday parenting now. Diagnosing your child can be difficult, as what is normal for a child can be difficult to discern when behavior is so nuanced. Generalities such as, twice as many boys as girls are diagnosed with ADHD can cause parents to worry. However, a doctor who has a history with their patient might be able to provide a better recommendation than one who has only met your child a handful of times, simply because they have witnessed their growth and progression.

Adults: Lowering Your Weight And Raising Testosterone.

Do you know the symptoms of low testosterone? The right levels differ slightly from man to man, but a good range is between 300 to 100 ng/dl. It is estimated that as many as 13 million men suffer from low testosterone. About 90% of men with low levels actually don’t receive treatment, which is a shame because increasing testosterone with testosterone replacement therapy, or TRT, is said to improve one’s energy levels.

It’s not simply a person’s hormone levels that need attention: about two-thirds of American adults are overweight, or even obese. Being overweight has an effect on your energy levels, cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure. Your family doctor might be familiar enough with your lifestyle to make recommendations on how you can get your weight in order if you fall into this category.

Elderly: Mental Acuity And Staying Flexible.

My family doctor is able to treat patients from infancy to one’s senior years. While many patients find themselves once again seeing their doctor more often as they age, it can be a positive instead of a negative. Preventative measures are just as important as treatment. A doctor that is familiar with your past can help keep tabs on what is normal for your body, and hopefully spot irregularities in your chart.

My family doctor has a more personalized approach to the care they provide to the family. The difference between your family doctor and any qualified physician is time: the time they’ve spent caring for your family through the years. A doctor who knows you can better identify when something is going wrong,. In the case of an elderly patient, perhaps that is preventative care for dementia, which they know runs in your family. Or maybe your baby is more comfortable and trusting with the family doctor because of familiarity. Either way, you’ll be receiving good personalized care.

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