Comfortable Bike Seats for the Daily Commute or Holiday Adventures


Leather bike seat

Ever since they were invented in the nineteenth century, bicycles have been associated with healthy living. Fresh air and exercise are two benefits of cycling that haven’t changed in all these years. What has changed is the technology, producing bikes that can do more: go faster, farther and on rugged terrain. Clothes, shoes and the bikes themselves add to the comfort of the rider on arduous trips. Comfortable bike seats play an important role in reducing pain and injury for dedicated bikers.

Biking is a way of life
Bikes have a large and enthusiastic following among children and adults alike. As of 2015, direct sales in the bicycling industry reached $6.2 billion. If the purpose is just to be out and about, it doesn’t even have to be a new bike. Also in 2015, used bike sales totaled about $1.2 billion.
The popularity of bicycling, and new environmental concerns, have added new types of activities and concerns. Biking holidays, whether they are gentle family sightseeing tours or arduous mountain bike adventures, are increasingly popular. As more and more people take to commuting by bike, there are concerns in urban areas for bike lanes and traffic safety.

The daily commute
For those who are able to replace their cars with bicycles for the daily commute, there are plenty of advantages. Not only do they have a daily exercise routine built into their schedule, they’re saving on the cost of gas.
And just as important, by eliminating the emissions associated with the daily commute, they’re contributing to a cleaner atmosphere and the overall reduction of harmful greenhouse gases. The number of bicycle commuters has risen in the U.S. by 46% since 2005. For commuters as well as weekend warriors, having the right type of bike seats can make a difference to their comfort and performance.

Family biking holidays
Biking can become a family passion and biking holidays are a popular choice. Bikes allow you to get close to the world of nature, taking you to places where cars and even ATVs can’t go. For kids, a family biking holiday with camping and other outdoor activities can be the memory of a lifetime.
Family biking trips are a great way to go sightseeing, from the California redwoods to Florida Everglades, to Hawaii, and Alaska. Biking holidays are popular in Europe and they’re a good way to get close to the culture and the people. Different countries have different regulations for bicycle riders and it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with local rules ahead of time.

The right equipment helps
Biking enthusiasts soon discover that having the right bikes and equipment can make all the difference to their comfort and enjoyment on each trip. Comfortable bike seats rank high on the list of necessary items for a biking holiday, along with the right clothes, shoes, camping gear, water supplies, flashlights and everything else that might be needed on a adventure.
Bike seats come in many different types, depending on the purpose and on individual preferences. Bicycle saddles can be made from leather or artificial materials like carbon fiber. Specially designed bicycle saddles can reduce or eliminate pain and discomfort altogether.

With the right equipment and comfortable bike seats, you’re ready to hit the road, looking for he next adventure.

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