Getting the Facts Straight When it Comes to Pediatrics


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Do you remember what is was like going to the doctor when you were a kid? It’s much different than seeing a doctor or specialist as an adult. Pediatric care is an extremely important part of a child’s development, and is integral to maintaining their overall health and well being. Pediatrics are meant to address the specific medical needs of young children and teenagers, and making sure you have good relationship with your pediatrician can go a long way.

Pediatrics include several different options depending upon the medical needs of your child. For example, pediatric urgent care clinics will offer different medical services than primary care pediatric locations. A good way to approach pediatrics is to take advantage of both primary and urgent care options for a comprehensive approach.

Where to go and when

Knowing where and when to take your child to a primary care pediatric office and an urgent care facility is important. As a matter of fact, it’s good to know for your own health, but it’s especially important for pediatrics.

If your child sustained a non-life threatening injury

From burns, cuts, scrapes, bruises, strains, sprains, and even broken bones, accidents can happen to kids. The majority of urgent care centers are more than equipped to handle all of the aforementioned injuries. Going to an urgent care center instead of a hospital emergency room can save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary medical costs and fees. Many, if not most, urgent care clinics are equipped with x-ray machines, making them more than capable of treating more serious injuries such as broken bones.

If your child is coming down with a cold

Colds can easily be treated at urgent care centers, but your child’s primary care physician is also a good option. This is especially true if your child is frequently sick with colds, in which case the pediatrician may refer them to another specialist for further medical tests. Remember, primary care pediatrics is more concerned long term care than the immediate medical need at hand. If you have long term medical concerns about an immediate medical need your child has, it’s probably best to see a pediatrician.

If your child needs a physical or a prescription refill

Primary care pediatricians are the best course of action for prescription refills and medical testing. If you believe that your child should see a specialist, such as an allergist, then it’s best to take your child to the pediatrician. They can work with you to map out a course of action for long term care, all while refilling prescriptions, conducting physicals, and much more.

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