Ibogaine Could Be the Solution to Your Drug Addiction


Methamphetamine addiction treatment

Despite the fact that it’s constantly romanticized on television and in movies, addiction is no joke. In fact, for those who deal with mental illness or a drug addiction, it can often feel like a revolving door of treatment and relapse that ultimately resolves nothing. But why? Even when we want to change, it seems that our body fights against us. If you identify as one of these individuals, perhaps it’s time to check into an ibogaine treatment center. Currently, ibogaine therapy, possession and sale is illegal in the United States. However, it is perfectly legal in Mexico.
So what is ibogaine, you ask? Ibogaine addiction treatment uses a natural substance that comes from a shrub called the African Tabernathe Iboga shrub. This plant has helps thousands of individuals solve drug-dependent issues and mental health issues like depression and eating disorders. According to research, this drug has been shown to decrease the incidence of addiction withdrawal symptoms and can help to prevent future cravings.
But unlike a cleans or a rehab treatment, ibogaine is a drug itself. In a sense, it is a means of catharsis that helps you actively work through whatever problems you’re facing head on.
So how does this addiction treatment work? First, you enter an acute dreamlike state. During this preliminary phase, the patient enters a stage of vivid hallucinations. This is when the patient goes on a journey of sorts through past memories, during which they are able to see their past in a hyper-intense and very real way.
Next, there is the evaluative stage that lasts for around 8 to 20 hours. During this time, patients begin to point out motivations or life events that led them to use drugs in the first place. This added awareness has proven to be very beneficial for patients.
Finally, there is the stimulation and processing phase. During this phase, the patient enters a 72 hour period where they feel exhausted and might not be able to sleep. This will likely offset the fact that withdrawal symptoms are happening.
Once this stage is complete, you now have completed your ibogaine detox.

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