Keeping it in the Family Exploring the Top Three Benefits of Having Health Insurance For Family Care


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Now think hard, but do you remember when you were a little kid and your parents tried making you eat your vegetables (everyone still hates those dry, nasty lima beans) or they would try to make you a take a nap when you didn’t want to? Do you remember how often you went into a full blown tantrum because of it only to realize when you were older and wiser that your parents were actually doing the right thing in reality? They were only looking out for your best interest and wanted to take care of you in the best way possible.

Well, that’s kind of how the Affordable Care Act’s mandate that requires everyone to purchase insurance for family care or individual care works. The creating and passing of the Affordable Care Act became a hotly contested issue, with many Americans saying it was similar to socialism or even communism.

But in years to come, people will look back and realize it really was for everyone’s best interest. Kind of like how eating your veggies or having nap time as a kid was annoying but now you realize how good it was for you! Or think of it this was; when the idea of paying into a social security was first introduced in the United States, people reacted out of fear in an almost identical way as they did with the passing of the Affordable Care Act. But just imagine how angry and upset everyone would be today if the government suddenly took social security checks and payments today!

A lot of people don’t think they need insurance because they’re health or “never get sick”. Or many people feel that they can’t afford to carry it. The truth is, you actually can’t afford not to have it! There are several benefits to carrying health insurance for family care or individual care. Now before you start kicking, screaming, and shouting, “I don’t wanna!” like you did as a child before entering tantrum mode, check out these three benefits of having health insurance for family care and individual care!

The price is right-er

Did you know that the cost to the patient of a single tablet of Advil in a hospital can be as much as $1.50? You can literally buy an entire bottle of Advil on Amazon for $1.49! Similarly, a nurse’s services can run you $1,200 an hour — even if they’re not will the patient the entire time. But guess what? These prices are only applicable to patients without health insurance for family care or individual care. So if you carry health insurance for family care or individual care, you don’t have to pay these astronomical prices! That’s because carrying health insurance for family care and individual care means that your insurance company has already negotiated the lowest price for you (and to be honest, for themselves too). That means your total out of pocket costs will be a lot less!

The ER isn’t the only option

Having insurance for family care and individual care opens you up to a whole new world of medical service providers, including STD testing clinics, neighborhood health clinics, family care physicians, or community health clinics — wherever you feel the most comfortable. People who are insured have the freedom of choosing where to seek out health care. On the other hand, people who are uninsured typically seek out health care and treatment at hospital emergency rooms. Hospital emergencies are renowned for being pricey — like, really pricey. Treatment for a sprained ankle can run you $4 to upwards of $24, 000! Ouch. Do you see why you can’t afford to not have insurance for family care and individual care?

Preventative maintenance

One great thing about the Affordable Care Act is that all qualified health insurance plans have to cover a list of preventative services without the patient having to pay a copayment or coinsurance. The list includes a plethora of great preventative services, including blood pressure screening for adults, cholesterol screening, colorectal cancer screening for adults and more!

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