Ibogaine Drug Treatment Could Be the Answer to Your Substance Abuse Issues


Oxycodone addiction

There are a lot of pressures and sources of stress these days. And while there are astounding advancements in so many areas of society, there is a significant gap between the norms that society expects of typical, law-abiding citizens who function in their communities and those who need a bit of guidance. The number of people who lose their way and end up with substance abuse issues is astounding.

There has long been a drug problem, and there are some systems in place to attempt to help those with addiction problems. But these systems do not always work for everyone. For some, it could be time to consider something a little bit different.

The road to recovery

Sometimes the stress of life is simply too much, and people are driven to drugs or alcohol. Other times it is a life of fun and leisure that is being sought. Either way, it is unfortunately too easy to wind up addicted, watching the life you have built slipping away. Perhaps you have been through the familiar steps. There have been interventions and multiple rehab centers. Maybe you have attempted to talk to more than one therapist about the issues surrounding your addiction. But you need something a little out of the ordinary to really succeed.

Ibogaine drug treatment is not available within the United States at this time, but is used as an effective addiction therapy in other parts of the world. Ibogaine is a unique treatment, and ibogaine therapy centers are not quite like any you have seen up to this point.

Is an ibogaine drug treatment program right for you?

The drug problem is real. Recently it was estimated that around 2 million people across the country over the age of 12 had a disorder involving abuse of prescription pain relievers, and 591,000 had issues with heroin. And stepping back to see things on an even larger scale, there are more than 23 million people over the age of 12 throughout the country who are addicted to alcohol and other drugs in general. Considering the fact that the average alcohol addict will get treatment eight years after the point that the condition first develops, if ever, the magnitude and severity of the problem begin to come into focus.

With ibogaine drug treatment, there is an element of comfort that goes into the otherwise daunting task of getting clean. Ibogaine is a naturally occurring substance, derived from a plant native to Africa. The substance is both hallucinogenic and dissociative. These properties make it desirable for addicts not ready to give up the next high, while diminishing the symptoms of withdrawal, as well as reducing the intensity of cravings.

Ibogaine and other natural remedies could end up being the answer to some of the major drug problems that continue to plague too many people across the nation and around the world. Taking those important first steps to find out what ibogaine can do for you could make all the difference.

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