Five Possible Warning Signs of Low Testosterone


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Testosterone is a hormone that is found in humans, as well as other vertebrates. It has a wide range of effects on the body, such as deepening the voice and growth of body hair, as well as being responsible for a certain amount of aggression. Bull sharks actually have the highest level of testosterone in the animal kingdom, a fact that is responsible for much of their famously aggressive disposition. Luckily, human males have much less. Testosterone does naturally decrease during the aging process which also has effects on the body, sometimes quite negative ones. This has become more openly discussed, with low testosterone, or low t, being a less stigmatized diagnosis with wide-ranging symptoms that effects roughly 13 million men. It is easily managed, though, so a man asking himself “does low t affect my mood?” should have no qualms about seeking a medical professional for an answer. Here are five of the warning signs of low t, so that anyone showing these symptoms can get medical assistance.

  1. Decrease in Libido: Sexual desire is strongly affected by testosterone. When a man’s levels go down, so does his desire.
  2. Depression: Here is the answer for the man asking “does low t affect my mood”: yes, it does. Male depression is a common side effect, with men with low test levels four times more likely to be diagnosed with depression.
  3. Decreased Energy: Lack of energy is another common symptom, going down right with a man’s testosterone level.This is usually a gradual process, not waking up one day with a sudden change
  4. Decreased Muscle Mass
  5. : Testosterone is largely responsible for the increase in muscle mass at puberty. Given that, it is hardly surprising that it would have the opposite effect when on the decline.

  6. Increased Body Fat: This effect is often made worse by the decrease in energy.

Hopefully, anyone asking themselves questions, “does low t affect my mood” or “does low t affect my strength” has been reassured that these problems are natural. Knowing that, hopefully, will drive such a man to seek out help. With testosterone treatment, these effects can largely be reversed. Getting tested is simple, although the results are the most accurate between 7 a.m. and noon, so make appointments accordingly. Ignoring these symptoms helps no one, call a doctor and find out for sure.

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