Options and Things to Think About for Assisted Living Housing


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Assisted living for elderly is a great way for older people to be able to live comfortably in their own homes, but still have someone there to take care of them and tend to day-to-day needs. There are assisting living facilities that are like a housing community, but the person would need to move into a new home or apartment on a specific premises. In either case, assisted living for elderly is a viable alternative to a nursing home or other type of facilities for older individuals.

Some Things to Think About

  • Until the year 2030, there are around 10,000 people of the Baby Boomer generation turning 65 daily.
  • Almost all assisted living for elderly now has planned events and field trips organized through the in-home company that provides the care which helps the elderly do a variety of things from go to the grocery store to going on a movie outing .
  • Most assisted living residences that are at an assisted living center have onsite activities, a pool, a tv area, a hair and beauty area, and other easy to get to things.
  • At the onsite facilities the staff can assist with medication disbursement and even your laundry.
  • In addition to a full kitchen in the unit of your room at assisted living residences, there are also common eating areas with prepared meals welcomed to all residences.

There are perks and advantages to going and moving into an actual facility, but for the elderly who would like to stay in their own home, there are similar services available. The in-home care person can also help prepare meals, help run errands, assist with pill disbursement and laundry, as well as be a companion for television time or fun activities. A major difference though is that with the in-home care person they are only there for a set amount of hours each day, unlike at an actual facility where there is care 24 hours a day and walkable access to all of the activities.

Around the age of 65 to 70 years old is when older or elderly individuals start looking at alternative housing options and assisted living facilities. With an average expected life span for males and females that range from 75-80, that gives many years where a person is going to want to feel comfortable and be happy with their surroundings. As the technology world advances, assisted living for elderly are adding more of a contemporary feel to the rooms and equipping the facility with modern technology, allowing the people who live there to feel like they are in a well-kept and forward progressing housing home, and not just another building or a dorm-like place. The personal connection and constant accessibility really makes all of the difference when looking at assisted living for elderly options.

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