I Need Assisted Living Where Do I Start?


Assisted living homes

Are you looking for assisted living for disabled peoples? Finding assistance living that provides the proper accommodation can seem difficult due to the variety of available centers and fluctuating economic climate, but multiple options exist for those with unique needs. Whether it’s due to age, injury or illness, assistance living consists of a healthy community, on-call nurse staff and recreational activities to better help those in need live life to their fullest. Look below to learn more about assisted living homes in America and what their specialized services can do for you.

What Are Nursing Homes?

Nursing homes, also known as care homes and assistance living, are highly specialized medical communities created for the elderly and those living with disabilities. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), the average occupancy of nursing homes is around 86%. Over 16,000 nursing homes exist in the United States, all providing around-the-clock care to multiple demographics with disability and illness. While the average age for many nursing homes is around 79 years old, assisted living for disabled populations and the elderly still sees a variety of ages applying for its services.

Who Needs Assisted Living Facilities?

A variety of people from different backgrounds benefit from assisted living communities. The debilitating nature of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are why a large portion of the elderly population need the routine care nursing homes provide. Veterans returning from war will sometimes turn to assistance living to reduce stress in their day-to-day life and those sick and in need of 24 hour care benefit from assisted living care’s nursing staff. Not all assisted living facilities are constructed the same, however, and picking the correct one will take a little research.

Which Nurse Home Is Right For Me?

It can be emotionally taxing to admit a loved one to a nursing home, but they are highly specialized and thriving communities that focus on increasing the individual’s quality of life. The nursing home industry is only expected to grow as the Baby Boomer generation continues to need physical and emotional care and many facilities are designed with modern technology and recreational activities in mind. While some nursing homes offer 24 hour care, others are built much like apartment complexes to offer a balance of independence and medical assistance.

Where Do I Get Started?

Asking yourself a few questions is the first step on your journey toward finding the right assistance living situation for you or your loved one, whether it’s a need for assisted living for disabled family members or a temporary situation due to injury. Are you searching for more independence or less? Is this a temporary situation or permanent? While nursing home costs vary, many accept Medicare and other forms of affordable insurance under the new Affordable Care Act. Look in your local directory and ask to take a tour around the assisted living facility before you apply. A retirement home is more than just a medical facility — it’s a gateway to the peaceful and fulfilling environment you need to thrive.

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