How You Can Help More Americans Follow the CDC’s Physical Activity Requirements


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Being a fitness coach is fun, but it is also rewarding. The reality is that you offer can save lives. Consider the fact that just five percent of Americans exercise for half an hour or more a day or that less than a quarter meet the CDC’s physical and muscle-strengthening activity requirements. As a nation we just don’t seem to exercise and that has real health implications.

Regular physical activity is linked to lower risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 Diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Exercising regularly and eating healthily can increase the life span of elderly women by five years and of elderly men by six years, according to a 2012 British Journal of Medicine study.

Becoming a Beach Body coach and piyo certified instructor means helping your clients become fit and realize the benefits of exercise. One option is to offer piyo tips. Pilates and Yoga (piyo) training has a host of benefits and in combination the impact can be even more significant. Another plus is that it tends to be a more attractive option to those struggling to get fit than aerobic activity, for example.

Getting the perfect beach body is not just about looking good, it is also about feeling better and improving all-round fitness. The benefits of coaching that emphasizes piyo training is that it not only burns calories, it also stretches muscles and helps you with balance while strengthening your core. More and more coaches tend to favor fitness plans that incorporate piyo. In addition to the program you design for them and help them through, you can point clients to online sites offering piyo tips that emphasize the overall benefits and help beginners to get started with a fitness regime.

Cutting down on the number of overweight and obese Americans will also have a positive impact on the healthcare system; More than three-quarters of spending on healthcare goes towards treatable and preventable diseases related to diet, weight and fitness.

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