Man Drives Jeep Into Indiana Urgent Care Center


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In recent years, urgent care centers have become a valuable presence in the American healthcare industry, helping local doctors offices and hospitals deal with often overwhelming numbers of patients. These medical walk in clinics, which strictly handle non-life-threatening conditions, provide patients with a number of important services: often, they perform routine blood work and X-rays, splint fractures and broken bones, and can even prescribe antibiotics and pain medication. Unfortunately, this last service can result in some dramatic consequences, as one urgent care clinic in Indiana found out after denying a man codeine.

On Christmas, Matthew Burden visited an urgent care center in Floyd County, Indiana, where he requested prescription-strength codeine cough syrup. While many urgent care centers and health clinics keep this medication on hand to treat certain illnesses, it is given out rarely, as the substance is a key component in a popular recreational drug. Accordingly, the employees at the urgent care facility refused. In response, Burden rammed his Jeep Wrangler into the back doors of the center, causing a large hole before he left the scene.

Employees at the urgent care clinic called the local police. Interestingly, while officers were investigating the scene, Burden returned to the urgent care center, where he was quickly identified and arrested. Currently, charges against him are pending. Meanwhile, the urgent care facility has covered their back door with plywood while they await repairs.

While Burden’s case is amusing in hindsight, drug abuse is a persistent and damaging problem throughout the United States. In the light of this and other incidents, it is important that urgent care centers and other health resources in our communities be used properly. People who believe that they or a loved one may be addicted to recreational drugs, defined as any substance used excessively for uses other than its intended purpose, are encouraged to seek medical attention. More.

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