Three Myths On Urgent Care Locations


Across the country, so many Americans are buying into false facts on local urgent care locations and more. They believe that they do not have the proper medical help and capabilities to fix their problem. Also, some are skeptical of these locations as reliable medical facilities. However, these locations should be trusted as a redeemable and respectable medical clinic. Here are three myths on urgent care locations.

Urgent Care Locations Are Not Reliable

While some people believe that urgent care facilities are not reliable clinics, they are completely wrong. First and foremost, there are so many patients that visit urgent care clinics for help. According to the Urgent Care Association of America, there are an estimated 3 million visits to these centers every single week.

Recent data suggests that more than 20,000 physicians across the country practice Urgent Care Medicine. Therefore, there are plenty of talented physicians working in urgent care locations near you. Furthermore, these locations are usually open every single day of the week including weekends. Nearly 85% of these centers are open each and every day of the week!

Urgent Care Locations Cannot Help Your Problem

Walk-in clinics have high-quality products, equipment, and workers. They can treat problems that range from physical injuries to respiratory issues, and even dizziness. Understand that the second most common reason for doctor’s visit comes from dizziness. Nearly three-quarters of the nation’s population will experience this at some point in their lives. As a result, urgent care clinics should be trusted to handle something like being dizzy.

IN the year of 2012, the most common procedure in an urgent care center was wound repair and the most common diagnosis was an upper respiratory condition. This is enough data to show the wide-ranging and vast medical capabilities of local clinics and more. Therefore, urgent care locations can handle plenty of different problems.

Urgent Care Locations Do Not Provide Physical Help

A recent study has revealed that four out of five urgent care facilities can help with fracture care. As a result, anyone with a physical injury should not avoid visiting a walk-in clinic. Instead, if you suffer a minor injury like a rolled ankle, it is wise to visit a walk-in clinic to avoid costly medical fees and a ridiculous wait time at an emergency room.

Data suggests that over 25,000 Americans will sprain their ankle each and every day. This is more common than most people imagine and often comes as a result of physical activity. Now, that is not said to discourage people from being physical and active. Instead, people should feel free and should be emboldened to participate in all kinds of activities and more. However, if you suffer an injury, be sure to get a doctor to check it out rather soon than later!

Another study has revealed that over 75% of all people who sprain their ankle will specifically deal with an inversion. Simply put, the inversion of their ankle is the inward rolling of their ankle. Not only this is this painful but it can happen again if not properly treated and taken care of. As a matter of fact, any people who sprain their ankle have to wear braces because it is a reoccurring injury.

In Conclusion

Anyone that is believing one of the aforementioned myths is not just foolish but is potentially hurting themselves in the process of being ignorant. These clinics can provide people with premier healthcare and medical treatment. As a result, more and more American citizens should grow to love, cherish, and respect local urgent care clinics and more. After all, health is not something that should ever be taken for granted.

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