Two Important Questions to Ask Potential Pediatricians


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Part of parenting is keeping children healthy. Finding a good pediatrician is essential to help monitor your child’s health and to intervene when necessary. Though most children in the United States are deemed healthy — over 82% of five to eleven year olds — and this is likely because of the availability of pediatric care. Finding a pediatrician can seem to be pretty daunting, since you’re entrusting the health and care of your child to this person, but there are a few things you can do to make the process go more smoothly. The first thing you should do is read pediatrician reviews and compile a list of pediatricians in your area. Then make appointments to interview each of them. Here are three important questions you’ll need to ask.

What qualifications do you have?
The first thing you should ask a potential pediatrician is what their qualifications are. There are a few different things to look out for in this case. It’s worth knowing where the doctor went to school, but listen for American Board of Pediatrics (AAP) certification or membership. Also listen for American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM). These are both indicators that the doctor meets standards of care and that she has been recognized as a qualified doctor. Ask about other doctors in the pediatrics clinic too, since they may care for your child if your doctor is out.

What is your philosophy of care?
Another important question to ask a potential pediatrician is what her philosophy of care is. Doctors have their own views of things like circumcision, breastfeeding, vaccinations, so you will want to make sure that you and the doctor are on the same page when it comes to them. Some doctors don’t have as strong opinions, but some have medical reasons backing their beliefs. Either way, you don’t want to disagree on a method of care later on.

What questions do you think need to be asked when finding a pediatrician? Feel free to tell us in the comments section. See this link for more.

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