Three of the Most Common Treatments for Back Pain



Have you or a loved one suffered from back pain and need help finding relief that lasts? Are you tired of dealing with bad side effects from back muscle pain relief medicine and drugs? Do you want to find a back muscle pain remedy that is safe and effective? Working with your local chiropractor can be a great way to find new options for treating your back pain, no matter the cause or how bad it may seem.

A local chiropractor can help pinpoint the underlying cause of your back pain and work up a customized treatment plan that focuses on your unique needs and situation. They can show you some options for back muscle pain treatment at home that you can do as well as some safe and natural options for pain relief. Form massages and acupuncture to spinal adjustments and other treatments, your local spinal care experts can help treat the symptoms as well as the cause of your back pain.

To get started today, contact your local chiropractors and see what they can do for you and your symptoms. Simply tell your smart device to ‘find the best chiropractor for back injury treatment near me’ and start getting the pain relief you have been searching for!

One of the most common medical complaints among Americans is lower back pain. Whether it’s from sitting in a poorly-designed office chair 40 hours a week, the Smartphone Slump, or not lifting heavy items properly, people suffer from back pain for a number of reasons — and a lot of them do. In fact, there are more than 26 million people affected by lower back pain each year in the United States. Part of living with back pain means getting treatment for it. Here are three of the most common treatments for lower back pain.

1. Medication.
One of the most common treatment options for back pain is the use of medications. There are a wide variety of the types of medications used, but the most common are acetaminophen, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, narcotics, muscle relaxers, and (believe it or not) anti-depressants. There are a number of side effects of lower back pain like pain in the face, arms, and legs, and these medications treat those as well in terms of pain management. None of these medications will solve the root causes of lower back pain, however, so it’s worth exploring other treatment options.

2. Surgical Procedures.
Another common treatment for lower back pain is surgery. This is sometimes necessary to correct spinal issues like bulging or herniated discs, which can be very painful and dangerous. There are different types of surgical procedures, depending on the root cause of the back pain. Some of them are minimally invasive and can be performed as outpatient procedures, but others cannot and require more recovery time.

3. Physical Therapy and Exercise.
Physical therapy and exercise are often used in conjunction with the aforementioned treatments. Some people think that when they have back pain that they need to rest, but research shows that being active can help alleviate back pain much more quickly than rest. Typical activities include stretching, core strengthening, and low-impact aerobic exercise. These are useful for preventing lower back pain as well.

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