What You Need to Know About Medical Marijuana


Medical marijuana legalization

One of the most controversial topics in America — right up there with gun control and religion — is the legalization of marijuana. Perhaps what makes the debate so complicated is that there are medical uses for marijuana, so to ban it altogether seems problematic. This might be the reason that so more and more people are not opposed to the use of medical marijuana. In 1997 only 62% of Americans approved of the use of medical marijuana if a doctor thought it would help a patient suffering from a serious illness. A recent study shows that these days, 83% of people approve of the use of medical marijuana.

There a number of benefits of medicinal marijuana, most of which have to do with the treatment of symptoms that come from diseases and disorders that don’t have a cure. Most people know that medical marijuana is sometimes prescribed to terminal cancer patients who experience a lot of pain and discomfort. Furthermore, studies are showing that there are benefits of medicinal marijuana for things like the neurological disorder Tourette syndrome, and could possibly even decrease the rate of suicide among the general population by five percent.

Some of the symptoms and discomforts that medical marijuana can be used to treat are nausea and vomiting, lack of appetite, pain, muscle spasticity, and depression. The human body already produces chemicals that are similar to marijuana to treat these symptoms and the use of it can help improve their function.

Medical marijuana also offers sufferers of serious illnesses a more natural way to help deal with their symptoms rather than having to take more and more medicines to treat their illnesses and then more to treat the side effects of those medicines.

In a state where medical marijuana is legal, a person who is prescribed it will receive a card from his or her doctor that will allow him or her to purchase it from authorized sellers. Read more blogs like this.

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