Visiting a Clinic? Here’s What You Can Expect from Their Family Medicine Physicians


Full body ct scan

Do you need to visit an urgent care or walk-in clinic for the first time? If so, the process may be different than the healthcare you are used to receiving. However, it is just as good, and sometimes it can be even quicker. The average time spent waiting in a doctor’s office, according to one figure, is 19 minutes, yet it can be much higher when you move from the waiting room to the exam room and continue waiting. Sometimes, wait times can reach an hour. In an emergency clinic or other type of walk-in clinic, you can receive the care you need much faster than you would in a traditional private practice.

What else can you expect from the family medicine physicians at a clinic? Here are some of the many services these doctors provide:

1. Emergency care: This is one of the primary functions of a walk-in clinic. From injuries from accidents to common illnesses, you and your whole family can receive the exams, medications, and care you need from the family medicine physicians at these clinics. Best of all, the after hour care provided by these clinics gives you a great alternative for having to visit the emergency room.

2. Physical exams: A family medicine physician can not only give you or your children the physical exam needed on a routine basis or before work or school, but they can also get you in for an appointment much sooner than a regular doctor’s office. Some offices require appointments six months in advance or more. At a clinic, you can get in to see a doctor within under a week — sometimes within a day!

3. Lab Services and Medical Imaging: From MRIs and mammogram screenings to CT scans and X-rays after an injury, there are many medical imaging services you can receive at a clinic. Best of all, they are located in the same building as your doctor. If you need blood testing or other tests for common illnesses, such as strep throat, you an also receive them in a lab right there in the clinic.

There are plenty of other great services as offered by your area medical clinic. In addition to their qualified nursing and support staff, you’ll also have the chance to interact with family medicine physicians, pharmacists, and lab technicians who are there to help. Have questions about clinic care? Leave a comment or contact your local urgent care clinic today. See this link for more references:

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