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Life has become more hectic than ever before. People are constantly rushing around at work, pushing themselves to meet deadlines, and doing their best to keep up with increasing performance standards. At home, the pressures can be just as high, especially with younger children that require more attention, as well as routine house duties that can be tiresome.

The result of these pressures is that some people are unable to cope with the demands of every day life, and feel overwhelmed, unable to figure out how to make sense of everything.

For this reason, many people seek out spiritual counseling. This method of counseling focuses on a “bigger picture” view of an individual’s life, coupling traditional therapy methods with spirituality.

Here are few methods these counselors use to help their patients.

  1. Angel Channeling. For patients who follow the Christian faith, angel channeling can be an effective way to bring about hope and healing. This practice is based on the belief that every person has an angel in the spirit world that guides them. A spiritual counselor that has opened his or her energy up to the universal spirit can tap into the realm of angels, and speak to an individual’s angel to deliver advice and messages of hope to these patients.
  2. Clairvoyant Readings. There are also several counselors that act as psychic mediums that can provide clairvoyant readings for patients. These professionals are able to foresee future events, and also help a patient make sense of his or her life situations. The advice these counselors offer comes from what is considered a higher source or power, making the information more valuable to patients. They often also include tarot card and angel card readings as part of their services.
  3. Reiki and Chakra Balancing. Spiritual counselors can also be considered healers. Many of them have the capacity to perform reiki, an ancient Japanese healing technique, as well as chakra balancing. Reiki is often performed to relieve patients of pain, both physically and mentally, by channeling universal energy through a practitioner’s hands. Chakra balancing stems from an ancient eastern tradition that focuses on clearing out six different bodily energy centers that make up the physical, mental, and emotional bodies in a living being. The more balanced these centers are, the more grounded a person will feel.

Traditional counseling methods can be effective, but of the 90% of U.S. citizens that believe in God, according to Gallup polls, 80% do their best to conduct their lives according to their faith. This could be the reason why spiritual counseling has gained repute as an effective treatment for several different ailments, such as heart conditions, hypertension, and anxiety, a condition that is considered the most common mental disorder in America.

From angel channeling, to tarot card readings, to reiki, spiritual counselors can offer patients an effective alternative treatment to their woes.

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