What Is Regenexx?


In this video, you will learn all about Regenexx. You’ll learn what it is and what its procedures are like. If you are getting up there in years, or if you lead a very active lifestyle, then you might be experiencing joint pain throughout your body. Regenexx might be for you since it is one possible way to alleviate joint pain.

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Here’s what you need to know about it.

Traditional joint surgery removes important tissue that is meant to protect joints. So, although these surgeries help with the pain, they do have some downsides. Plus, follow-up surgeries or even joint replacements become necessary with this tactic. Doctors wanted to find a better way to help patients with their joint pain. That’s when they created Regenexx. This procedure uses stem cells to strengthen and repair the joints. What’s more, every patient who undergoes this type of treatment tracks their outcome over time so that doctors can continually learn and improve this procedure. It is a much better alternative to joint surgeries because it solves the problem without creating new ones. The procedure can also be tailored to each individual patient, ensuring long-term success that just isn’t possible with surgery. Regenexx can help treat pain caused by age, arthritis, and surgery recovery.


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