5 Benefits of TMS Treatment for Depression


Depression and other mental illnesses affect millions of Americans. If you’re one of those people, you’re not alone and there are many ways you can get help. One such way is with TMS therapy. Here are a few reasons to search for TMS depression treatment near me.

1. No Medication

Many people dealing with depression are under various forms of medication. Medication can help the chemical balance in the brain reach optimal levels to create a balanced mood in a patient. However, medication doesn’t always work and could also have side effects. If you’re someone that prefers to live a medication-free lifestyle, TMS depression treatment may be the right solution for you if you combine it with other lifestyle adjustments.

2. It’s Affective

Some doctors and psychiatrists can overprescribe medications to patients. Unfortunately, medication doesn’t work for everyone, even when you take it at the correct doses. At least when you search for TMS depression treatment near me, you’ll have access to a solution that has worked for many people. According to Harvard Health Publishing, about one-third of individuals with depression experience a full remission with TMS. With over 33% of patients experiencing a full recovery, this treatment is certainly worth trying.

3. You’ll Stay Alert

You can still drive and perform other functions that require full alertness. Some medications and other non-medicative psychiatric treatments, such as ketamine therapy, can leave you fatigued and sleepy. Luckily, your TMS depression treatment won’t ruin your state of alertness, so you can still drive yourself home after a session and get back to other activities.

4. Less Side Effects

At worst, you may experience slight tingling or mild headaches after TMS treatment. Even if that occurs, they tend to go away relatively quickly. However, if you’re using psychiatric medication, you can experience nausea, deeper headaches, dizziness, and other concerns.

5. It’s Quick

You’ll wear a head device that sends electromagnetic pulses to specific areas of the brain. Unlike medication, you don’t have to use this therapy forever. You’ll attend five non-invasive sessions a week for up to six weeks.

TMS depression treatment near me is a useful search to undergo if you want reliable help with your illness. There are several ways to manage and treat depression, and TMS has a great track record with results.

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