How Interpersonal Psychotherapy Can Help Treat Depression


One of the highly researched methods of depression treatment is interpersonal psychotherapy. Using this method, a therapist can help their clients improve their relationships with others to help treat depression. The video shows a therapist offering interpersonal psychotherapy to help ease the distress of their client caused by a rift in a personal relationship.

Interpersonal psychotherapy professionals help their clients cope with the causes of stress and depression in life.

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They assist their clients in conquering grief due to the death of a loved one. They also help their clients defeat negative emotions caused by significant changes in their life that may affect their mental and emotional wellbeing. Changes such as divorce, moving to another country, or a job loss hurts the health of many.

Interpersonal psychotherapy is a technique therapists use to treat depression. It helps depressed people to change how they relate to others. During therapy, a depressed patient recognizes relationship issues that may have caused the depression symptoms. Talking through the issues helps resolve them and ease depression symptoms. A change in relationships helps alleviate the symptoms of depression that may have come from a dysfunction in the relationship.

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