Great Ways to Help You Take Care of Yourself: Activities for 60 Year Olds


As you grow old, your body experiences a lot of changes, and you might need to tweak your lifestyle to stay healthy. People who practiced healthy habits when they were younger tend to age better than those who didn’t. However, it’s never too late to take care of yourself. Practicing healthy habits when you’re old will make a difference whether you made health a priority in the past or are prone to illnesses currently.

There are many activities for 60 year olds you can do to take care of yourself. From eating well, socializing with other people, and working out, to keeping up with your prescriptions and even getting a massage, the list is truly endless. That said, let’s look at several activities for 60 year olds that you can incorporate into your life without needing to make drastic changes to your lifestyle.

Put Your Health First

As a senior, putting your health first is essential. Your body isn’t as strong as it used to be in your youth. Some of the activities for 60 year olds that can help you prioritize your health include:

Head to Those Doctor Appointments

Ideally, people should go for general checkups once per year. However, as a senior adult, your doctor might recommend checkups biennially or quarterly, even if you aren’t sick. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure your individual health insurance is always up to date. Equally, it’s vital to seek medical assistance immediately when you feel unwell, rather than waiting for the symptoms to fade away on their own. Thanks to tech advancements, you can even reach out to a physician online via video conferencing apps and get treated.

Drink Plenty of Water

Another way to put your health first is by drinking plenty of water. The body comprises numerous toxins, and one of the best ways to get rid of them is by drinking a lot of water. Hydrating improves blood flow and energy levels. It also leads to better metabolism.

Listen to Your Body

If something is wrong, your body will inform you. For instance, if you’re more fatigued than usual, you might need to find a way to sleep better at night. Take time to note what your body is truly feeling.

Make Exercise Part of Your Daily Routine

It’s possible to exercise even when you’re aging. Obviously, you can’t check into a gym and bench press 200 pounds like a 30-year-old, but you can jog in a park or use a treadmill. Exercising keeps your body in tip-top shape and can help you avoid needing to use your social security disability insurance because your limbs are too frail to move.

Stay On Top of Your Medication

As a senior, you most likely will be on medication, so it’s vital that you check your dosage so that you don’t run out of medicine. Nowadays, you don’t have to visit a pharmacy to buy meds. You can simply order them online and receive them at your doorstep in a couple of hours.

Reminisce with Old Friends

Socializing is an essential aspect of life. As a senior, it’s important that your link up with your age mates and reminisce about your yester years. Celebration of life can improve health among people drastically. According to the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, lack of socialization among seniors causes coping difficulties, higher stress levels, and low self-esteem.

There are numerous socializing activities for 60 year olds, including linking up with friends to talk or play a game like chess, going to church on Sundays, etc. Also, time spent with family members like grandchildren is another way to socialize and help combat loneliness. Socializing leaves you feeling more positive, and that’s some of the best medicine you will ever need.

Invest in Your Skin

Investing in your skin will help you feel confident and happy every day. Numerous skin care products are available in the market, so you must know the ones you need and those you can do without. If skin care seems like a fun activity for you, some of the best skin care essentials include:


While there is a misconception that you should moisturize only when it’s cold, such as during winter, you should always moisturize your skin. Another misconception is that moisturizing is meant for specific genders and age groups. However, everyone should moisturize their skin. For best results, you should get one enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Why? Because in your latter years, your skin might get chapped, meaning it needs nourishment. Dry skin makes you appear older than you actually are, so moisturizing is a must.


Regardless of age, dermatologists recommend people invest in good sunscreen. Why? Because harmful UV rays can severely damage your skin which could result in more problems. The SPF (sun protection factor) in sunscreen has blocking properties that prevent the sun from damaging your skin. For best results, get a sunscreen product that not only shields your skin from harmful UV rays but also calms, hydrates, and slows down the aging of your skin. A very high SPF doesn’t mean that the product will produce great results. A sunscreen product with an SPF between 40 and 50 should offer you the protection you need without breaking the bank. Some body lotions have sunscreen in them, so they’re another option you can use.


Toners help eliminate unwanted particles from your skin. In addition, they can moisturize, and when applied often, they can positively impact your skin’s appearance. When buying a toner, don’t go for the most expensive one; instead, get one made with natural ingredients.

Get a Great Massage

Getting a massage is more than a hands-on activity; it’s an experience. This is one of the best self-care activities for 60 year olds because it calms the nerves, reduces stress, and revitalizes the skin. Some of the massage activities for 60 year olds include:

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage involves essential oils extracted from plants such as bergamot, chamomile, geranium, ginger, lavender, lemon, and tea tree. This massage helps improve both mental and physical well-being.

Hot Stone Massage

When you go to a spa for a hot stone massage, expect heated, smooth volcanic rocks to be placed on various parts of your body like your back, chest, face, palms, spine, stomach, and toes. These massages mainly calm the nerves to provide relaxation.


Reflexology, also called zone therapy, is offered in a reflexology massage service. It comprises applying varying amounts of pressure to the ears, hands, and feet. Theoretically, the assumption is that these three body parts are interlinked with specific organs inside the body, and applying pressure can help alleviate pain and discomfort in the body.

Take the Day Off

One of the most understated self-care activities for 60 year olds is taking the day off. How can seniors do this? For instance, you can hire a home cleaner to help relieve you of your at-home chores. You’ll no longer have to worry about making time for tasks during the day; you can relax and do something else like reading a book as your house is cleaned.

Apart from leaving your home clean, professional home cleaners offer you numerous benefits, like eliminating allergens and dust mites by deep cleaning your house in a way that they only can. Also, you won’t have to worry about mold and mildew in your home if you hire a reputable cleaning service; they will know how to deal with that as well.

Update Your Prescription

How long have you had your spectacles? If it’s more than a year, you need to visit an eye care doctor to update your prescription even if it seems they’re still working correctly. How can you know you need new spectacles? Here are three signs:


Headaches are among the most common symptoms that indicate you may need to change your glasses. Your brain can note when the strength of your glasses varies; it tries to compensate for the vision change and starts to work in overdrive, causing headaches.


Squinting is a natural way to focus on blurry objects to improve clarity. Therefore, if you’re forced to squint even when you’ve worn your glasses, it means you need new glasses. Otherwise, you might start to experience pain in your eyes, making the problem worse.

Year Old Glasses

Again you shouldn’t have spectacles for more than a year before visiting an eye specialist. Like any other product, spectacles have an expiration date, meaning you need to have a check-up at least once every year to determine whether or not you need new glasses.

Shop for New Beauty Products

Even when you’re older, it’s important to engage in activities for 60 year olds that can help improve your look. These can be products applied directly to your skin or on your clothes. They are meant to make you feel, look and smell nice. Beauty products you can buy include:

Essential Oils

Essential oils are extracted from plants like jojoba, lemon, and rose flower. When diluted with carrier oils, they can be applied to the skin to treat various skin conditions.

Face Masks

The importance of face masks should never be understated; they can boost your skincare routine. When buying a face mask, get one with active ingredients like charcoal to eliminate impurities and glycerine for hydration. While there are numerous expensive masks, you don’t have to splurge if you don’t want to — you can get cheap ones that work.


A serum is a beauty product that can help reduce inflammation and protect your skin against harsh weather elements. Spend some time researching the various types of serums available and choose one that suits your needs.

Feel Confident Again

Numerous studies show that one of the best ways to feel confident again is by getting cosmetic surgery. Some of the cosmetic activities for 60 year olds include:


When you’re old, your body has likely succumbed to the forces of gravity. However, you can get cosmetic surgery on your face, commonly known as a facelift. As the name suggests, this procedure will lift your face, making it look more vibrant.


Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure beneficial to many people because it helps eliminate fat that people can get rid of by dieting or exercising. Liposuction is done on the arms, back, belly, face, hips, and thighs to enhance their look.

Nose Job

Nose jobs, also known as rhinoplasty, are among the most common types of cosmetic surgeries. People typically undergo nose jobs for various reasons, including congenital disabilities, nose renovation after an accident or injury, or correction of breathing difficulties. Some people also undergo nose jobs because they don’t like how their noses look like.

Give Yourself Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is essential to keep your spirit young, especially in your latter years. Some of the activities for 60 year olds to achieve peace of mind include:


When you meditate either on your own or with the help of a guide, you open doors in your mind that help you visualize life in a way you haven’t thought of or done before. How does meditation do this? By concentration; this act of concentration can offer you numerous benefits in your life, such as helping you cope better with responsibilities.

Read at Least Thirty Minutes a Day

Reading is one of the best ways to achieve peace of mind because not only is reading enjoyable, but it also relaxes your brain while making you reason and concentrate.

Thinking Positively

Sometimes you might be in one place, but your mind is far away, thinking of something else. Maybe you have an oral surgery the next day and wondering how it will pan out. If you don’t start thinking positively, you will be stressed out by anything and everything.

In conclusion, there are numerous healthy activities for 60 year olds like the ones listed above. Keep in mind that these activities don’t require you to make drastic life changes. As a result, you can implement them easily and live a healthy life in your sunset years.

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