What Is the Best Way to Go Through TRT?


Unfortunately, many men suffer from low testosterone levels, which could leave them feeling weak and tired. Thankfully, with testosterone replacement therapy, you may be able to improve and balance your testosterone levels. This, in turn, may bolster your health and energy.

When it comes to testosterone replacement therapy, you can use a few different methods.

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In the past, oral testosterone replacement therapy got a bad rep because the formulas used could strain the liver and reduce uptake. Now, many oral testosterone replacement formulas are easier for your body to work with.

If oral testosterone replacement therapy isn’t your thing, you’ve got other options. One great option is gel therapy. You can apply a gel or creme on your skin. This topical testosterone therapy is perhaps not as effective as oral therapy but many people report great results.

That said, there’s a risk that the testosterone gel may affect other people. For example, if you rub the gel on your arms and later brush up against your spouse or children, they may absorb some of the hormones.

Another option is to use injectable hormones. While this process can sometimes be painful and a bit complicated, it’s also a very effective form of testosterone replacement therapy.

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