Questions About Occupational Therapy


On the Therapy Playground YouTube video, two occupational therapists discuss what occupational therapy is. Occupational therapists treat injured, ill, or disabled individuals to learn ways to accomplish everyday skills.

They help children, adults, and seniors with motor skills like picking up objects, feeding themselves, improving mobility, dressing, and more complex tasks to help individuals live independently.

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They help patients that have been injured or have had operations heal with exercises, cognitive therapy, and learning to regain skills that may have been lost. Sometimes they help disabled individuals learn to eat independently or improve motor skills needed to work or attend school.

With some children, an occupational therapist will work with children with motor and sensory disorders. They often work with autistic children that have been diagnosed and referred to them by a physician. They cannot make a diagnosis on a condition. They work with patients with brain injuries, ADD, and genetic disorders. Overall their service helps those that need therapy from illness, surgeries, or a disability with speech, motor skills, and everyday activities to improve independent life skills.


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